Geek Test

Okay, Hades: time to test your mettle. I know I’ll score low to average on these, but since you say you’re the second biggest geek in RPGC… well- I thought you’d like the opportunity to back it up.

Me: 38.2643% - Major Geek


11.43984% - Geekish Tendencies

No joke about the 984 either. :stuck_out_tongue:

21.89349% - Geek

Could be worse, I suppose

I had to do it four times, the first being the most accurate, I think:

29.98028% - Total Geek

30.96647% - Total Geek

Then I took this to heart: “flat out lied on this test to score better”…

…and got…
99.01381% - Dysfunctional Geek

…then, going for gold…
100% - Liar!

This does compare a lot of different geek types (theater techie/comic book reader), but I supposed if you mixed them all you WOULD have the ulitmate geek…but in that case, where’s the “knows the value of e to 10 decimal places” and “knows that 0.99999… = 1” questions? I could have scored higher!

After all, I’m the one with Pi in his sig!

36.29191% - Major Geek
and I didn’t lie ;_;

16.76529% - Geek HUZZAH!


Trying to get high score-

My score: 16.37081% - Geek

Hmmm… I thought I’d get more than that… shrugs meh… oh well…

0_o Is it geeky to want to be a geek?

… probably…

32.34714% - Total Geek

Not that bad then, though most of the questions could be improved.

Ok, so I’m not as big a geek as I thought, according to that test >>;

33.33333% - Total Geek

With total honest answers I scored:

8.28402% - Poser

I am a poser ;.; hangs his head in shame

I checked so many of those chemisty questions though >.>; IT ISN’T MY FAULT MY TEACHER FORCES US TO KNOW SO MUCH! sobs


27.0217% - Total Geek


24.45759% - Geek

fun. exaggerated a little bit in some parts. they don’t mention pokemon tcg, only magic:the gathering.

17.75148% - Geek

Not too bad. And I checked one or two that I haven’t done, but would very much like to do.

12.62327% - Geekish Tendencies

10.45365% - Geekish Tendencies

I’m normal :stuck_out_tongue:

4.14201% - Poser

well im no geek :hahaha;

11.98763%-geekish tendencies

hmmmmm i think i should have scored higher than that,o well.

Dude, don’t tell me I have the second highest score so far. o_o;


41.42012% Major Geek
Haha I get second place. Sad thing is, I didn’t lie.