Geek is not a crime.

<a href=“”>…and someone should tell these guys that.</a>


That’s just another example of overcautiousness, I think. For Pete’s sake, they’re Volkswagon beetles with big “Geek Patrol” logos on 'em. I’ve never seen a police volkswagon, much less one with a logo on it. At least the change isn’t too much, just painting the doors all black.

What’s the problem? I’m not sure exactly how realistic they are, but if it is close enough that someone may make the mistake, it’s perfectly reasonable.

The main thing I’m curious about is the type of car. I don’t recall ever seeing a policeman/woman riding in a Volkswagon police car. I don’t think there IS such a thing. I suppose some people COULD mistake them for police cruisers, but it seems silly to me.

Yeah. Police cruisers are more heavily built than their civilian counterparts.

It would be funny to see a New Beetle with a reinforced chassis, extra shocks and a badass engine in it.

This probably happened because some idiot somewhere thought “oh hey, a cop in a VW BEETLE!” rolles eyes

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Their demands are perfectly reasonable, who would want to risk being compared to people who drive around beetles, wear snap-on ties and knows how to use computers?

That’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Any cop who can’t tell a police car from a black and white beetle with “Geek Squad” Logos on it, should be removed from the police force as soon as possible. I’m a civilian, and I would be able to tell weather it was a police car, even if it zoomed past me on the highway going 70 miles an hour. Needless to say, a police officer should know what the appearence of a police car is like the back of his hand. The cars don’t even have sirens. And what is this “They have badges and uniforms and may be mistaken for officers”? I say it once and now I say it again. Any cop who can’t tell a police man from an employee at Geek Squad, should be removed from the police force A.S.A.P.

Nul: I honestly don’t know. But if the cops need computer help, I know where they’re NOT getting it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sparrow: I think this is more about civilians mistaking the Geek Squad for cops, not cops thinking that they’re other cops.

“SAN FRANCISCO – Agents of the computer fixing “Geek Squad” wear badges and uniforms and drive black and white cars – a look the California Highway Patrol fears too closely resembles actual police officers.” . . . I’m confused does that mean they think it looks to o much like them or does that mean they afraid civilians think Geek Squad cars are cops?

““If a new driver or an older driver sees this black and white vehicle they might think it’s the police – they’ve got uniforms on and they’ve got badges on and could be mistaken for an officer,” CHP spokesman Mike Herman said Thursday.”

It’s both, I guess.

Oh… Yeah like a “new driver” doesn’t know what a police car looks like. I’m 13 and I know exactly what it looks like
I can understand that old people might not see correctly, but I doubt an employee from Geek Squad is going to be impersonating a cop just to make fun of an old guy any time soon…

However, it still creates potentially dangerous situations in the case that someone DOES mistake them for cops. Better save than sorry.

Because the cops don’t fuck up enough good things in this country, anyway.

Dammit, this is one of those non-clear-cut cases when I can see both sides without immediately discounting the other one as “stupid.”

There are pretty clear laws about how far you can go when you want to impersonate a cop in real life (movies and shit don’t count). Clearly, best buy overstepped these bounds, and is now getting in trouble.

I don’t see the problem here. Its probably more of an issue with the cars than the uniforms though.

It’s a case of prejudice. This is opression of minorities. Nerds are a minority which is hated by everyone. The cops are just bashing them for being what they (nerds) are.

Riiiight. It’s a conspiracy I tell you! A conspiracy! They’re all out to get us!

They wouldn’t mistake them for cops where I live, because nearly all of the cops drive trucks.

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