Geek heaven.

It smells like pot. It has a bunch of creepy old guys in it.
No, it’s not a metallica concert. It’s name is Green Gates, and it’s the best place to go (well, near me anyway.)
There is wall upon wall of anime, cult classic things like Evil Dead and Rocky Horror, wall scrolls by the dozens, and a bunch of hilarious (but sorta creepy) 20-40 year olds that play M:tG constantly.

Anyone have a place like that nearby them?

Edit: Also, there are younger people there. They just play lots of DDR.

The Coyote’s Den, downtown Canandaigua. It’s the local “gaming store”, though that’s vastly understating it. It’s run by Travis, someone who has a Chair on the City Council, and his store caters to all types: Card players, Animephiles, D&Ders, White wolf fans, DDR dancers… God, this place has everything put a cappechino machien (which I never drink, so I don’t cae).

There’s a place I know of (never been, although my friend goes weekly… wonder if I should go sometime) where a bunch of M:tG players show up, as well as some other (mostly adults) people show up to play random games downstairs. The store that runs it does a lotta shit, apparrently.

It’s funny when you swallow your gum looking at a guy who has a page full of foil Chrome Moxes.
I did get a nice trade, though.
Got 3 fatespinners, 2 clones, 3 archivists, and an alter reality for a few cards I never use. The cards are now safely in my “Endurance and mimic” deck. (2 clones, Binding grasp, and a confiscate along with 2 reminisce and 3 walls of vapor. Plus arcanis and a few other things for me to draw like a mawfucker)

Enough about MtG, though. Let’s talk about how much anime is there.
First off, as my friend described it, it looks like you’re gonna be butt-raped by a bunch of big burly men before you walk in (It’s not in the best of neighborhoods, and it looks pretty rundown), but the inside is filled to the brim with everything that’s awesome. They have figurines from all the FFs they were made for, as well as huge display cases of all kinds of anime imaginable… but I feel like I’m repeating myself :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a place (not near me right NOW) at my University’s campus, underneath the Clock Tower. Most people call it the Time Cave. M:tG central. Also guys from the anime society hang out there between classes. It ain’t a store though, so there’s no sort of decorations.

No… no place like that exists anywhere here. :too bad;

Well, there is this comic book shop around here, where people role play. I gave it a shot, but he threw me out for being high. Which is ok, I guess, but he was kind of a dick about it.

I know of TWO such places…

One is a fraternity room at my old school. The other is a place in central Stockholm called Proxxi.

Proxxi rawkz - I don’t know of any other place that combines all kinds of gaming (board games, Warhammer, Magic, Console gaming, computer gaming, roleplaying and other stuff) with Anime-Otakus and Linux/Amiga hackers. :smiley:

Mmmmm Rocky Horror… now that sounds like the place to be steve. For god sakes, why are you here? GO GO!


Aside from a convenience store/ M:TG card shop downtown that I once visited, we don’t have any cool places like that here. 8(

GZG. Ground zero gaming.

I go there every day after school and play RO or 1942 or something. Alot of guys play white wolf and D&D. M:tG too, but i fucking suck at that game.

That or i go play DDR in the arcade at the mall. But i dont like to do that anymore, because im the only good one there, and no one else plays with me.

I’m sure anyone that was here last week on friday in the chat would remember me raving non-stop about the shop I found.

It’s called Forbidden Planet and it’s the second coolest place I’ve ever seen in London (First being the London Trocadero). It sells anime, manga, comics, fantasy and sci fi books and videos, rare figurines, blades (Such as some of the swords from Highlander and one or two battleaxes), really cool T-shirts and wall scrolls and loads of other shit.

There’s a Forbidden Planet in Liverpool too and I love it. It’s one of the few places in England you can actually buy anime and manga, and I’ve managed to get hold of quite a bit of Final Fantasy stuff there too. They sell wild things from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ too, which is why I went in there in the first place. I wish there were more shops like that over here, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, not on a large scale anyway.

There’s a comics shop here that I visited once when looking for a copy of the first volume of Hellsing (which they didn’t have, so I bought the first Trigun dvd instead) that was buzzing with…um…interesting people.

Nothing that I can really think of here, unless you count the fact that the local Barnes and Noble shares a parking lot with a Game Stop and the fact that the local mall is right across the street from it as, and a comic shop is about five hundred feet away (and that’s at most). All that needs to be done is Borders should move up the street a bit and I could just camp out somewhere nearby, either that or try to move in with a friend who lives within walking distance.

The closest place like that is more than five hours away from me. It is a store called Avalon, they sell all kinds of geeky junk. But since it is more than five hours away, I’ll have to keep on buying all my geeky junk on the web.

Not anymore, when I was a kid there was a comic book store we went to for (duh) comic books and magic cards, and I swear to god, the owner was the comic book guy from The Simpsons. Not like the comic book guy, he was him.

You guys are lucky you now of places like this,sounds like places i would really enjoy,And no there is no sorta place like that,that i know of around.

Hey Master, there ARE places like that in Puerto Rico. There was an Anime Shop in Mayaguez (that’s a city near Cabo Rojo for you non-Boricuas) and there is a Comics Shop there currently (in the Mayaguez Town Center) that ocassionally holds conventions. Also, the Mayaguez College has always had SF/Anime clubs (too bad I didn’t get to study there.) If I had a car (one that works, that is) I would visit these places more often. And, I’m pretty sure other Major PR cities like San Juan or Ponce have stores/clubs too. Check the yellow pages, or the Web.


Yeah, Forbidden Planet rocks. I need to go to Liverpool more often. :frowning:

There’s a comic-book stall in Warrington market that I used to go to, they sold quite a lot of cool manga and merchandise stuff there (like the Ultima Weapon figure from FFVII) and I used to help the guy out. Never really go there anymore though…