Gears of War 2

Is EXCELLENT. Epic really learned about what was wrong with GoW1 and improved on it. My only criticism is that it does not allow more than 2 people to play on the same Xbox. The campaign was incredible I loved it, as did my GF, which is surprising considering she usually doesn’t like big monster stuff with blood and guts. I would’ve liked to do horde mode with more people without having to link xboxes or stuff like that.

I thought it was alright. Seemed like the same game.

Do you play campaign or the multiplayer modes? The campaign was totally different. It was great. I did not like the GoW1 campaign much.

Did they change the problem where if you change the controls, it’s impossible to run properly? Let me explain:

You know how the sticks’ default layouts are Move/Strafe and Look/Turn? I don’t use that; I change my stick layout to Move/Turn and Look/Strafe. In the original Gears of War, there were those points where you had to run across bridges and stuff before the security doors locked, blah blah blah. If you switch the stick layout to my layout, and then try to correct your running trajectory by turning, your character will stop running.

I want to know if they fixed THAT before I even think of playing Gears of War 2.

I mostly play multiplayer, which was still full of idiots running around with chainsaws and shotguns who can’t counter a pistol double melee or outcover the precision of a torque.

The campaign felt like they were just trying to make each part more epic than the last epic epic epic epic huge monsters

That phenomenon is the same as with Halo, Counter Strike and every other multiplayer FPS game where the worthless dregs of our species congregate. And yeah the campaign went from more epic to more more epic. Which was great :D. I don’t quite know what they’ll do for GoW3…

I don’t know if they fixed that problem because I never change the controls. I always have found it weird for people to do so. Its not hard to get used to normal controls o_O. But yeah sorry I can’t answer your question.

The default controls for FPS games are just sooooo hard for me to do. I could BARELY play Portal, and I only stuck with it because I wanted to see what Portal was all about. Still, the game wouldn’t have taken me half the time it did if I didn’t strafe off of cliffs on accident, or, when I was being hit by gunfire, I just started turning circles like a retard instead. :confused: I guess my feelings are, if you’re gonna ADD different stick layouts, why wouldn’t they be tested for functionality?