GDC, Nintendo

1: Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass announced for the DS. Will be released later this year, playable at E3. Spiritual sequal to Wind Waker. Cell shading, 3d, etc.

2: Revolution will not only have old nintendo games downloadable (nes, snes, n64). There will also be Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Turbo GrafX games available.

3: My PANTS ARE SOAKED. Or they would be if I wore any. I need a new chair, now.

<a href=“”>Celda DS Movie</a>

I can’t wait to play “Cadash” on the Nintendo revolution, that’s for sure

Woot im a gonna get it

I can play Shining Force I and II on Revolution…

DAMNIT! I just changed my pants too…:bowser:

Wow, just WOW. That’s incredible. Just when I think I might be getting burned out on new games, Nintendo reminds me why I do it in the first place.

I… can’t stand up for a few minutes.

Yeah, the Revo will be my second console of choice. Since it looks like the Revo and Twilight Princess will be available around the same time, who’s gonna sell their gamecubes and get them both since they can just play GCN games on there?

Unless the Revolution is also a GBA Player, I’m not selling my Cube.

Yep. Nintendo /flex

Wait, the Cube is a GBA player?

It is when you have the GBA Player peripheral attached to the bottom.

Right, I forgot that they made that.

I can Imagane the Lingo now…

Mate, You’ve gotta D-load the Sonic 2 with Knucles 'Drive rom on to your Rev.

To put in to English: Friend. I recomend downloading “Sonic 2 with the Sonic and Knuckles” File from the Sega Genases (aka MegaDrive) on to your Nintendo Revolution.

The Joke about pulling a Sega Nomad out of a pair trowsers was cancelled.


… once I get more money.