GBA shows?

This could be massive…

I could show you something massive.

shows you a jet

As for the idea… uh… nah. No thank you.

That’s a horrible idea. Why would you want to watch fucking TV on a portable video game console.

That sounds pretty cool. A few weeks after the release, kids will be watching porn on their GBAs.

It sounds like a good idea, but I think it seems as if they’re somehow forgetting what a game system is.

I mean, you can play DVD’s on the bigger consoles, now you can soon watch cartoons on the GBA, (the N-Gage is a phone)…

What happened to the consoles that were just used to played games?

Bah, no one buys consoles to play games any more, same way they don’t buy TVs to watch programmes any more, they buy them to browse the internet, play battleships, and purchase extremely dodgy goods from :-/

as for the GBA idea… meh. I still use my TV.

When I buy a video game system, I buy it to play games, not watch movies.

I’d rather watch Yu-gi-oh! than Pokemon.

I wonder if your F-serv offers those mentioned pr0n-roms once they’re released? :wink:

Sure, if someone makes a goodset out of it.

Such a wasted joke. You could’ve/should’ve said: “Massive, I’ll show you massive. starts unzipping pants” or something along thoughs lines. Or you could go stupid drunk me me that one night and replace “starts unzipping pants” to “shows your mom.” A jet? That is sort of weak.

As for the topic, sounds neat. One thing that you guys are forgetting about videos on the GBA is that the GBA is portable. Sure the other consoles can play DVDs, but you also can’t them around with you easily. I like the idea since it expands the GBA’s capabilities and it is for on the move type stuff.

Its not just pokemon. Though porn is an obvious joke (though potential for people who buy carts and have the technology to upload into blank carts) you could plug any popular show onto the GBA. If they make 90 minute carts, you can start plugging in movies. I’m surprised you aren’t seeing the potential.

It could work, but I can’t say I’m all for it.

<Neh. I don’t feel like it.>

But you see, that is why I didn’t. That is the expected joke. Yesterday was not a good humour day for me, though. =\

I’ll pass. For the same price, one could get a DVD of higher-quality video with even more footage. Sure, the GBA may be portable, but if their’ only 45-minutes long each, then thats such a short trip I could just play a normal GBA game.

First N-Gage, and now this?

Methinks that gaming is starting to get a little out of control.

I agree. Didn’t Nintendo have a “we only make games” philosophy.

That was until they realised they needed the extra money. And decided to make this extra for the GBA.

Which by the way has potential, but they need to do something better than Pokemon.

Its all just a bit plot to make EVEN MORE money off of pokemon!

$20 isn’t too bad, I guess it could work, but I think they’ll try to target younger audiences as old consumers would usualy have the income to buy something nicer.