GBA Recommendations Wanted.

i tended to enjoy Golden Sun: Lost Age more than Golden Sun itself.\

also, Riviera is an awesome game!

This thread has really made me want to play some old gameboy games.

Might I suggest purchasing some flash carts and putting some SNES and/or NES games onto said flash cart?.

Riviera was fun. One thing that is annoying about that was how you needed to use certain characters for certain parts. The best example is probably in the dungeon with the the twin demons that were drying to drown you. If you didn’t have Lina you would lose due to his uber lightning attack. It would kill everyone except her because of her lightning resistance.

The random weapon chest were also a bit annoying. If you didn’t get the weapon the character needed you would be screwed offense wise.

My last rant is about the late bosses. They can randomly change their elements. Hector was a bitch because he wouldn’t change to the opposite elements of the people I was using. However, the final boss was pathetic because he changed to ice element often. I was using Cierra and her fire skills slaughtered him.

I was counting the days until the Girl GBA version was released, and then I stared playing that nonstop. Funny story… my mom likes to play Snood, so she’s be around while I was playing HM, and she’d get the giggles in the worst way whenever I’d cancel out of a menu due to the “OMG you just hit a puppy listen to it whine” noise. I’m looking forward to the PS2 AWL also.

Dave - you’ve never played Dragon Warrior 3? You are totally missing out. Get the GBC remix. Now. Do it. Do it. (So I really, like the game, sue me. :D) Also, the FF Adventure games are actually part of the Seiken Densetsu series (am I right guys?) and are not really Final Fantasy games.

No, because that is illegal.

Dragon Warrior 3 did rock. I although liked DW4 more. Is DW4 avaliable for GBC/GBA?

The only English version of DW4 is for the NES. And it’ll cost you a pretty penny (maybe $50 to $90) to obtain.

I would suggest some of the older GB games too…i.e. Final Fantasy Adventure…It’s more of a zelda style but it was very amusing…

I tend to agree with bullet sponge about goldensponge, Golden Sun 2 was much better…

The myth with pokemon dissapoints me the original games were very enjoyable and the newer remakes of the old ones (i.e. leaf green is…pokemone blue +GBA graphics + small changes) are quite fun…but just because the child frenzy got to them makes them frowned upon…oh well…

P.S. Before I get on my FFTA rant I would like to reccomend that no one ever plays it…ever… cries …oh what could have been

Harvest Moon
Breath of Fire

Is Harvest Moon really that good?

I was a bit skeptical to play a farming game as some little girl.

You can just as easily play a farming game as a little boy. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is the male version; I think the girls’s version is called More Friends of Mineral Town or something like that.

As for the game itself, it’s a very love-it-or-hate-it type. I strongly advice you try emulating to check it out before buying.

It’s fun to play on the bus.

I have yet to play the original FFT, but I think FFTA is good for getting a short SRPG fix (like maybe when you’ve got about half an hour to waste). Yeah, it does get pretty repetitive in long sessions.

Buy a DS and get Dawn of Sorrow!

No seriously this game is the shit man.

This post because everyone else already said my recommendations.

The best gba games that ive plaed are
=Boktai: the sun is in your hands (i’m kinda addicted to this right now)
=Golden Sun 1&2 (the story was a little creative and the battles were nothing special, but i had fun)
=Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls (the ps1 version was better, though)
=Castlevania- Aria of Sorrow (quick but with a bunch of different attacks you can do. good game)
=Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (redundant, easy, with an unimaginative story- the only reason this is here is because i liked the various secret characters, the clan thing, the missions and because i dint have many gba games)
=Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (almost like pkaying through the first one but with some differences, an iteresting card system, some new levels and good graphics at some points, plus a secret character).

This is the only reason I’d really need to buy a flash cart. That and I could fit fifty kajillion other things on it.