GBA Recommendations Wanted.

It seems to me like there haven’t been many good new GBA games being released. Has Nintendo abandoned the GBA for the DS? I refuse to use a pen to play a video game. But I digress. I’m looking for some good stuff to play on the GBA, old or new. Here is a list of what I have already. I’ll make comments so you can see my tastes. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.

Advance Wars - Played through half of it. Not my favorite strategy game. I tend not to like games where you have to create units on the fly.
Final Fantasy Tactics - Meh
Fire Emblem - Loved it!
Fire Emblem Sacred Stones - Playing it now. Loving it!
Golden Sun - Stopped playing it. I don’t really like the djini system.
Legend of Zelda Minish Cap - Pretty good. Too easy.
Mega Man Battle Network - Finished the first one. Thought it was ok. Anyone know how the new ones are?
Metroid Fusion - I love anything Metriod.
Metriod Zero Mission - See above.
Shining Soul - Garbage
Tactics Ogre - Kinda at the beginning of this one. Haven’t gotten into it yet.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Can I get a bit of a description too?

Is it a side-scrolling platformer? RPG?

It’s Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, do not mix this shit with the PSX game >:(

Golden Sun is pretty good, the Djinni system is quite simple and you can even ignore it if you want and just stick each critter with the respective Adept. It’s still a pretty average RPG with neither brilliant story nor gameplay, but I thought it was fun.

Battle Network 2 and 3 are similar to 1, with a few add-ons and tweaks on the gameplay (Generally making things a tad bit harder, like limiting the number of identical chips you can use). 4 is a succession of tournaments with randomized rivals and quests, and I still have to play 5. As a side note, the Navi Customizer is the ban of my existence.

Dude, I know. There is only one Final Fantasy Tactics on the GBA. I figured everyone would know what I was talking about. Forgive me for not typing the word Advance.

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It’s one of the Mario RPGs, high on humour, minigames for combat, etc. Pretty amusing.

Seconding FFTA.

Superstar Saga is an RPG, and it’s also very good as well.

And if you can swallow your pride, give the Pokemon games a shot. What many people don’t realize is behind all the hype, cuteness and kiddiness lies a series of extremely solid RPGs.

Hmm. Superstar Saga sounds like something to check out.

Crono - I already played FFTA. It was very unsatisfying.

And I don’t think I can allow myself to play Pokemon. They could be great games, but I want no part of the whole Pokemon thing. Its the principle, really.

Any of the Castlevania games are good.

Since you seem to like strategy games, go for Shining Force. The gba version isn’t as good as the genesis version because they made it way too freaking easy, but if you haven’t played the genesis version you should still find it fun. The Shining Force series is still my favorite of that genre.

I never really screwed around with the Djinni system all that much. Mostly I would use it to give another character healing magic. I enjoyed that series, and I’m still crossing my fingers for a third game.

The Castlevania games are great from what I hear - I have Aria of Sorrow, and it totally kicked ass. :smiley: I actually felt confident playing a Castlevania game for the first time.

I’m also a sucker for the Harvest Moon games; they’re farming simulations. The GBA ones are even more nonlinear, and you can put as much or as little into them as you like. I tend to keep the cartridge in my SP and just play for a few minutes when I have the time.

I’ll also go for the older GBC games, like Dragon Warrior 3. :D:D:D I love backward compatibility. I know they aren’t Advance games, but still.

Nintendo hasn’t abandoned the GBA yet. And it’s a good thing too because they just launched the GB Micro, which only plays GBA games, and a new version of the GBA SP but with a brighter screen. I don’t see a point in either of them but ohwell.

The final fantasy remakes that are on/coming out for the GBA are games I reccomend. Other than that and some of the ones already said/you said you played I haven’t seen anything noteworthy.

Hey, I understand. I try my best to be no part of the “pokemon thing”. I refuse to touch anything but the games with a ten-foot pole.

I LOVE Harvest Moon games, they are such a monotonous, soul-stealing, incredibly addictive pleasure that I’ve never been able to resist. I’m counting the days for when the PS2 version of “A Wonderful life” comes out.

Friends of Mineral Town (The GBA HM) is the best of the series I’ve played so far. My only complaint is that your brood is useless and never grows up to help.

FF1+2 was enjoyable. FF4,5,6 are most likely coming to GBA sometime in the near future, 4 soon I believe.

The Mario RPG super star game is cute, although I thought it got a little tedious towards the end.

Tactics Ogre KoL is neat, but it also gets a little tedious towards the end. It is cooler if you have played the other 3 ogre battle games as you understand some of the connections better.

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow was alright, as was the first one released on GBA. I didn’t play the 2nd one much.

If you’re into old school RPGs, they re-released Phantasy Star 1,2,3 as 1 cart called the Phantasy Star Collection. Astral played that one when we used to go out.

I hear the MMBNs are more of the same, I never played em.

I also hear the Megaman Zeros are entertaining.

Sword of Mana was an average hack and slash game. God I hate the GBA’s audio.

I’m fairly certain there’s stuff I’m not thinking about.

If you’re willing to go for GBC or GB games, I hearitly endorse DW 1+2 and 3 for GBC. VERY GOOD remakes. If you’re willing to get GB games FF Legends 2 and 3 and FF Adventure are GREAT games.

Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars (SRPG)
Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (GBC)

Try Harvest Moon, any of them.

Wow guys. I hop on my computer this morning and am treated to a plethora of recommendations. Thanks! I think these should be able to hold me for a while. Let me go through them real quick.

Castlevania - I completely forgot about this series. I will most likely pick up one of the installments.
Dragon Warriors - I have and completed 1 & 2. Never played 3.
Final Fantasys - I just played through 1 & 2 on the PS1 recently. Regarding the Legends and Adventures games, I think I want to play something more recent, if only because I’ve played a lot of old school stuff recently.
Harvest Moon - A farming simulator? Sounds… weird. I may have to get this one just to see how bizarre it is.
Mario & Luigi - I’ll probably grab this for some lighthearted fun.
Megaman Zero - I might grab one of these. I always liked Megaman.
Metal Gear: Ghost Babel - I’m not really a fan of the Metal Gear series.
Phantasy Star Collection - I never played anything in this series. I might grab this when I feel like going old school for a while.
Shining Force - I have the original on the Genesis and I still bust it out to play occasionally. I also have SF2. I love those games. Thats what got me into strategy games. I’m not going to disgrace the original with that crap port on GBA. I don’t need my games easier, thanks.
Sword of Mana - I don’t really like hack & slash games.
Zone of Enders - Anime based games kindof turn me off.

So I have about 5 games in mind for when I go to EB later. We’ll see what I come back with. Good thing I just got an incentive check from work. $_$

Thanks again.

I’ve been playing 1 for awhile. Doesn’t seem too bad from the original (but then again, I only played the original partway a few times), squished resolution otherwise and the save bug. See, when saving, there’s this additional screen that says, “Now saving. Do not turn off your GBA.” Apparently even pushing the buttons (impatient temptation) will probably crash the GBA, and will nullify all progress since the last save if you’re lucky, delete the save (clear the whole save RAM?) if you’re not.

Ok. So I just got back from the mall across the street from my job. I went a stunning 0 for 5 with the games I was looking for.

I checked Best Buy and EB, both of which had terrible selections. But I bought a couple games anyway.

I got a used copy of Metal Slug Advance and copy of Riviera: The Promised Land, which is some new RPG.