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<img src=“”> Yay, my turn for a horribly overdone thread. Sorry about that, but I don’t think most people would like a necro. Anyway, I’m picking up a GBA SP today or tomorrow, and I have money for 1 extra game besides TO:KoL which I’m trying to buy through CtM. I have my eye on AoS, since it’s pretty good form what I’ve played, but how long is it? Will I finish it in 10 hours, does it have replay value, etc? Also, suggestions to other games would be nice as well. Just not the MMBN series, god, I hate those games.

AoS is very nice, but short. It has some replay value, but the replay value’s like SotN’s. It’s better than CotM’s, but it’s still playing through the same castle with a different character or with different stuff.

Don’t go with Golden Suns if you’re looking for replay either.

I think you should get MMZ, AoS, or Advance Wars 2.

Avoid PSC and Lufia 4 like the plague.

Phantasy Star Collection is cool…

do you like pokemon games? they have new ones out for GBA…

tactics ogre is a good choice, best game for it Ive seen so far…

not many good RPG choices

golden sun is EXTREMELY SHORT, like 10 hours and no replayability

its a cool game but it really sucks

the zelda game is cool but its just a remake (I havent tried the multiplayer game yet)

if you want something other than an RPG Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear is pretty fun and you cant go wrong with metroid fusion (that game kicks ass)

MMBN Games.

Mega Man Zero is pretty nice. 8) You play as Zero, and it’s kind of mission-based. I think you’d like it.

Of course, I personally think you should pick up Wario Ware!

Zone of The Enders: Fist Of Mars is a nice game if you like strategy based Mecha action.

Personally, I would just wait for FFTA.

Get Tactics Ogre, and if that’s not there, wait for FFTA. Trust me. o.o;;

EDIT: Whoops, perhaps I should read your post a bit more thoroughly. I’d wait for FFTA, and just play TO:KoL until then. ^^

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MMBN Games.

Golden Sun may not have the best replay value, but it have one of the best stories on all the RPGs I played. Its just that goddamn addictive, you’ll get absorbed by it and won’t stop playing.

Or if you want something else than just a plain RPG, the Platform/RPG mix of Castlevania can bring you more fun than you can shake a stick at. I just bought HoD recently myself, and I’ll aim to get both the others.

Er… What’s MMBN stand for!? >_< :fungah:

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Er… What’s MMBN stand for!? >_< :fungah:

BLASPHEMY! Megaman Battle Network! LEARN IT, HEATHEN!

Oh God. I hate those games. o.o;; NOTHING will ever be as good as the X games. NEVER NOTHING NO NEVER NONE YES, er. No! MegamanX or Zero would beat the shit out of ANY other Megaman. I bet you! :enguard:

I found Golden Sun very boring. I’ve hardly played it at all since I got it. Personally, I’d say it isn’t worth it. Spend your money on MMZ, ZoTE:FoM, PSC and CV:AoS instead. Also, the new Pokemon games are pretty damn good.

Yea, I didn’t really like Golden Sun much either.

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Avoid PSC and Lufia 4 like the plague.

I’ve never played Lufia 4, so what exactly is so bad about it, anyway?

<img src=“”> FFTA and TO:KoL are both already as good as bought, I have the money for them too. Just not on me, next week. And since importing TO:KoL through Cless will probably take a bit, I figured I might as well get a different game as well.

Advance Wars is good, and AW2 will probably be bought in the future, but I don’t think it’s released here yet, and I wouldn’t want it as my first game.

Played MMZ. As far as megaman games go, I liked it, but I really dislike the whole series, so I won’t pick it up.

Damn all of you and your MMBN suggestions.

Had my pokemon fix with red and blue, don’t really feel the urge to play ruby and sapphire.

Golden Sun doesn’t really interest me much. I never felt the urge to play past the intro in the rom.

Never heard of Wario Ware. Details?

And I didn’t think of Four Swords. Hmm. Well, guess it’s a toss-up between AoS and Four Swords.

Wario Ware is a really silly game in which Wario is a software designer. I think you play though about 200 ridiculous mini-games in a random order, and it keeps getting more difficult the longer you go on. The games range from NES classics to really really simple reflex tests and stuff.

You should look at a review of the game, because I can’t really explain it.

<img src=“”> I read up a bit on it, and it seems interesting, to say the least.

Well, I love Golden Sun, both of them. I would also suggest BOF 1 and 2, and Megaman Zero is fun.