GBA emulation - Visual Boy Advance

I’m using VBAm, apparently the latest and greatest release of that emulator. My sound quality sucks when I have DirectSound selected for sound output. There’s a bunch of static every now and then, very annoying. When I select XAudio2, I get an immediate error claiming that it failed to initialize. Any suggestions or experience with this particular emulator?

Haven’t tried VBAm. The Collector’s Edition has always been perfectly fine for me.

I’m having the same problem with VBAm. Sometimes it’s even causing a BSOD due to a DirectDraw issue (Vista, A64 4000+, RadeonHD 3400 PCIe 512MB, Audigy2, newest video driver, newest DirectX 10, newest sound driver). On my laptop, it doesn’t crash, but the sound lags so bad that I can’t really tell what it’s supposed to sounds like (much less how to time my hits in Mother 3… >_<).

Anyone have a good suggestion for a GBA emulator? I’m gonna try No$GBA tonight.

I can’t even get VBAm to open. Fuck that shit, I just use regular GBA. No$GBA is good too, but you can probably get older VBA versions to work just fine, even if you can’t get VBAm to work; thus, that’s what I’d recommend.

I was using an older VBA, but was told that it didn’t like Mother 3… I’ll go back to that… -_-

I’ve only played like the first 20 minutes, but it seems to be working just fine, unless there’s something later that just makes the emulator go fucking bonkers.

I’ve been using an older version of VBA and haven’t been having any issues. Then again, I haven’t got too far into it yet…too busy with school stuff, sadly enough.

Mr.Saturn: You live in Frisco? That’s cool. I’m in around Denton.

Actually, I’ve lived in Fort Worth for about a year now… I guess I should update that… >_>

I’ve been using VBA-m and haven’t had any problems with the default settings. Maybe you’re missing some drivers somewhere or something?

I fixed the problem. In the options there’s a selection called “Sync sound to game” or something like that. It comes checked as a default, but apparently not activated. All I had to do was uncheck it and recheck it and the sound’s perfect now.

Unfortunately I still stink at the timed hits. I haven’t gotten beyond six yet. Thank goodness they’re not necessary.

If you manage to get the “first” hit right, you can time the rest of the hits by hitting A when ever one of those “combo notes” comes right in front of the enemy you’re trying to combo. I made it to 12 with the pendulum and a few zombies.

Edit: The note thing seems to work even with different beats… plugs in headphones just in case…

I figured out my emulator problem; VBA ran in Windows Vista Basic mode, VBAm was trying to run in Vista Aero, which was eating up most of the VRAM. Once I told VBAm to run in Vista Basic, everything seems fine.