GBA Castlevania Rerelease

At the local game shop I saw preorder advertising for a Harmony of Dissonance/Aria of Sorrow dual cartridge for the GBA.

I think it’s cool, but now I’m kinda pissed because of the trouble I went through to get AoS before!

Well dangit, NOW they come out with that. :confused:

Maybe now I can get a copy of Aria of Sorrow that isn’t used and had glue on the back of it for a while (stupid PRE-OWNED stickers).

I heard about that too. There are tons of games that are being re-released as dual cartridges nowadays. Usually, they are just the crappy licensed games or something, but there’s a Sonic Advance/Sonic Pinball Party one and some others that might be worth looking into.

Bah. Screw Harmony of Dissonance, I’d take Circle of the Moon over that.



Yeah, but don’t sweat it. Harmony of Dissonance, from what my friend told me, was really quick and simple, and not too interesting. And, from what I’ve LITERALLY heard from watching him play it for like 15 minutes, it’s a fucking cacophony of pure screeching agony. You’re better off.

If it was Aria/Circle I might have jumped for it if I didn’t have Aria already (thanks TD). As it is I’ll hang on and try and hunt down a copy of Circle anyway.

I hate you for laughing at my state of peevishness. :smiley:

I’d laugh more, but I got in trouble a month or so ago for allegedly spamming threads simply to laugh at your misfortunes, and I didn’t care enough to argue about it.

…Nevermind the fact that I’m actually DOING just that at the moment. So, I guess, uh…


After recently replaying Harmony of Dissonance, I’ve rediscovered what I already knew: It’s vastly underrated. Sure, it’s the worst of the GBA Castlevanias, but that doesn’t really say much (it’s still better than 90% of the stuff on the GBA). It has a couple isssues, mostly having to do with the design of the castle. The warp rooms are sparce, and usually don’t even warp you to a different location, just to the second castle, which means a lot of walking around. Speaking of the second castle, it’s WAY too similar to the first castle, which gets pretty redundant. And it’s not always clear where to go next, which, again, means a lot of walking around. And Juste walks really slowly, but you can just dash everywhere, which doesn’t make it a huge deal. But all the wandering around can get on your nerves.

But other than that, it’s a pretty solid game, and worth owning, for sure (especially if you don’t own Aria of Sorrow either, and can get both for the price of one). Plus you get to play as Simon Belmont, in his 8-Bit NES form, in Boss Rush mode, which makes up for all the castle-design problems.

I just tried playing HoD. I’m not done it yet so I don’t know how far into it I am. I guess I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through. The second castle thing seems like it’s just there for plot purposes. The only warp rooms I’ve found go between the castles, so if I want to go anywhere I need to walk some distance. Not a very well designed castle…

There can be a room full of enemies between the save point and the boss in some places, which is kind of annoying. There are a lot of places where the areas I can explore are non-linear but the difficulty isn’t. I ended up getting to a boss that was a bit too hard, so I decided to backtrack and found an easier boss to beat first. It seems easy to stumble into a harder area when you’re supposed to take a different path or backtrack to an easier area first.

It is not particularly interesting. The equipment system is screwy. You get one slot for armor and three slots that are shared for accessories, gloves, boots, helmets, and cloaks. The magic system is screwy. You go to a screen to turn on an element, and then your secondary weapon up+attack move is replaced by an elemental attack that depends on the element and your secondary weapon, and it uses mp instead of hearts. The music is not as good as most castlevania games.

Overall, it’s below what you’d expect from a castlevania game. Still probably better than a lot of other games.

Edit: I forgot about furniture!!! I guess there was some animal crossing influence there. You find random furniture in the castle and it decorates a room in the middle of the castle.

Not sure if it’s relevant to you, but there’s a suspicion that the compilation won’t be compatible with the Nintendo DS, due to the way that compilation games on the GBA are designed.