Gay penguin for President in 2004!

I have naught to say but this: I’d vote for him.


I’d vote for him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Better than Bush, doubtless.

He’d have my vote.

Finally. A candidate worth voting for.
Honestly, it could a toaster running against Bush and I’d vote for the toaster. Or Satan. He’s definately not as evil as Bush.

If I was American, I’d vote for him.

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Holy crap, TD, that’s the most random thing ever. It puts the quantum movement of electrons to shame!

I wish he would win.
I wish he could win.
Stupid election rules.

Which one, Nul? Gay Penguin or Weird Tentacle Cheeseburger With Joystick? :smiley:

I would vote for either of them,anything is better than Bush.

A vote for Bush is a vote for terrorism. Vote Penguin. Or burger. Or wisp of air.

The burger would be a much better president than bush. You’ll never see the burger doing anything stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

<No. I won’t.>

Vote for me and I’ll have Nulani chair my Gene Elimination Squad.

Aside from being eaten.

I used the “toaster” comment in the thread “Bush’s Resume”
And yes, this guy would be better than Bush.

He can’t be President. He’s Antarctican. Presidents must be born American.

Hmm I like Gay Penguins stance on article 547, but Weird Tentacle Cheeseburger With Joystick does promise lower onion rates.

He was born in an American zoo…