Gay Marriage Amendment defeated by Senate

I don’t even understand why it’s such a major political issue. The gay people next door isn’t going to affect a person’s marriage.


Dude, the issue is whether or not gay people should be able to get married to each other. What are you talking about spaz?

Just that. I’d like to know why it’s a major political issue when the gay people next door getting married really has no effect on a heterosexual couple’s marriage.

Oh. Ok, the wording made it sound funny.

That isn’t the issue. The core issue is that marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman, not between two people of the same gender. So that if gay people get married then it’ll destroy the sanctity of marriage, which is bullshit because if divorce doesn’t destroy the sanctity of marriage already then I don’t know what else can.

I would have preferred the vote was something like 75-25 in defeat. I support gay marriage, if you couldn’t tell from the last sentence. Oh well. The forces of history are against the people who are against gay marriage, so I’m not worried.


well that’s great…


I’m extremely glad that this amendment didn’t pass. I have no problems with gays marrying each other and defending marriage is certainly not the ultimate homeland security.

Eden: I remember that comic. XD

Why do people always use that phrasing? Do they just have a problem with gay guys and not lesbians? They’re just as unwholesome. I demand “Adam and Eve, not Amber and Eve!” Be fair in the bigotry!

Just so everyone knows, this wasn’t the vote on whether or not to create a constitutional ammendment, it was a vote on whether to stop debate and have a vote on an ammendment, which is why they only needed 60 votes, rather than 67 (two-thirds majority). Of course, they could stop wasting time debating this gay-marriage ammendment and get something important done.

I am so voting against Rick Santorum next time he’s up for reelection.

Isn’t the one about lesbians “Ellen and Eve”?

I dunno. I’ve only hear Adam and Steve, Flint.


That made me giggle.

Vote against Arlen Specter this November, too. He’s been in favour of this amendment.