Gay Marriage Amendment defeated by Senate


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haw-haw [/nelson]

Bravo Senate!

Surprisingly, this restores a lot fo ym faith in humanity in general.

But the vote was only defeated by two votes, and it didn’t get the required 60 at all. I think it could pass, Bush only has to pull a few string. Unfortunatly, I think he pulled all he could with the Iraq thing, and now he has nothing left to offer anybody, so I don’t think he could get it to pass.

Common sense wins!

Sorc, will you marry me?

Yes! It wasn’t very likely that they’d have gotten 60 votes, which is why they were already trying to save face in advance, but it’s even better that they didn’t even get a majority.

Can someone sum it up for me in 15 words or less? Legal news confuses me.

Homo marriage = A-OK

15-word summary: Homosexuals are still permitted to have access to the institution of marriage. Purple monkey dishwasher.

No charle. Sorry.



Would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.

I can, and have, and will.

You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

I want media rights.

Hooray for the Senate! The system works!

I feel so used. :fungah:

Bitch please, I wouldnt even pretend to be gay with the likes of YOU!

Good thing it failed, it should never have been a consideration.

I was offended that anybody actually considered voting for such an amendment. Whichever side you take on the issue, trying to amend the constitution for something like this is an insult to every American. Freedom of Speach/Press. Protection from search and seizure. the right to redress for greviences. freedom of religion. banning the ownership of people. giving everyone the right to vote. The constitution is America’s backbone, putting Gays can’t Marry, up with freedom of press, right to bear arms, right to a jury trial, presumption of innocence before comviction, and seperate but equal is not equal, is extremely offensive to me.

however you define marriage is your own business, but saying gays cant marry is a fundamental concept for the backbone of america is horrific