Gateway to hell found in the mushroom kingdom

Gets a little repetitive toward the end but chock-full of LOL moments. Particularly at 1:02 as he’s lining up his long jump. :slight_smile:

I’ll see the Diabolical Mario hack, and raise you -AIR-.

Oh, I’ve seen air, but air seems like almost a game where you stand no chance of winning without glitching- diabolical mario’s charm is it lulls you into a false sense of secuirty, then… bam.

The clip lasts for about 20 minutes, and I gave up after 5. Was there a “happy ending” after all?.

Fuck, is it supposed to take this long to load?

Nope. Gives up.

And … yeah, AIR seems just made of glitch.

No… unless you like seeing Mario die a lot.

It got boring by the end of it, but it was funny at first.


Funny as hell. I quit at 1:31

Gotta give the guy trying it out kudos for doing as well as he does. I can only imagine me playing that. Mass Death.

I just about died laughing the first time he hit an invisible block.

I almost pissed myself at that. The second one too.

I gave up at 4:20.

4:20! tokes

>.> <.<

The Bone-us Stage was a riot as well as the Goomba rush, but otherwise I kept trying to deduce where the next trap was going to be. Made it to the ende.

Yes, the first invisible block is just so…WTF! :mwahaha:

I know I’m late on this one, but I got to add to the list of people laughing at invisible block deaths. I stopped by the 1st death in the 2nd stage (which is also from an invisible block).

I like how he doesn’t make it past stage 2.

holy shit, I pretty much peed my pants at 1:53, when he goes down the pipe for the first time.

doo-dah doo-dah doo-dahbdlyup!

It was as if the music was trying to say “Oh, MAN…you FUCKED UP dude!”

By the way, does anyone know what mod that is? I’d love to try it…

I have just one word for that first video… ouch. That looked very painful.

Once more, with commentary!