If anybody remembered me, beside the one who dares to live about 3 doors away from me. I am back, well just peekin in like a little bafoon… no comment… >.> Yeah… hi all whom ever desired to remember me, and if you did… I fear how you remembered me… :wave:


sup welcome back


I remember the pretty face and the bossom. whats the deal with the name?

Deal with the name… the Liadan? Well if it is over that I will tell you hehs but yeah… Whats up Pierson? >.> Though I do worry more then I should


I remember you. Welcome back! :wave:

I feel out of the loop.

If anyone is interested, she’s the girl on AIM who I was puzzling over for hours trying to remember cuz she wouldn’t tell me :stuck_out_tongue: Hello again

I recognize the face. WB

LMAO! I am so sorry, I looked at your profile at random and I was like “WAIT!” aI am talking to Evangelion over AIM… and “holly hell! first persons profile I look at and its the one I am talking to on AIM trying to figure out my name on here…”

How many times does that happen?!?!

I feel the love because people remember my stupidity >.> Charmed I am sure!

Haha no, it’s quite alright. I just seem to forget who many people are, on my AIM, so you’re not stupid. I vas stumped indeed.

oh yeah. There you are…

Who lives 3 doors away from you?

Ah yes. The Mazistral-ette. I remember you.

I remember you minus the name. I noticed the avvie first thing, expecting this too be a new person thread. WB.

I remember you, but I remember so very little about you…

You should hang around so we can get to know you better!

I feel the love! wait… that is wrong form of words, because not everybody loves!



Welcome back, ma’am :smiley: