Gas hits 3.00/gallon in Chicago

…for REGULAR UNLEADED. Good God I almost shit my pants when I saw that this morning. I’ll try to take a picture of the sign this evening when I get home from work. A lot of places are still charging around 2.85-2.95 here, but one station has hit 3. Thankfully I take the train to work, and only need about 1 tank of gas a month.

What are you guys paying for gas? Just out of curiosity. Please list your location along with the price.

Here in Vancouver it’s anywhere from 1.10 a L to 1.18 a L.

Gas is pricy, and I almost wonder why the US doesn’t uncap some of their oil wells. Almost wonder.


In Ireland it’s around 1.15 where am I…fucking disgusting considering it used to be around the 79 mark.

It’s about 2.40 or so 'round these parts.


Thankfully our public transit is paying .86 or .87 or something like that 'til 2006.

It’s about the same here in LA. It is $3 for premium here, but it’ll probably be up there soon. The sucky thing is that it just did this jump in the last week or so. A week or so ago it was still the sameas it had been for the last couple of months.

Probably because all US Oil Refineries are already running at max capacity and breaking down every other day (that’s the cause for the recent 15 or 20 cent spike supposedly)

What oil wells? And i pay around 2.5 ~ 2.6, though as high as ~2.8 in some places.

Our’s was 2.39 on sunday, and as of yesterday it’s 2.53…I’m terrified to see what it will be when I get home for good.

1.05 / L here.

It’s around $2.55-$2.60. In the last week and a half it jumped from $2.32 to $2.59. I heard on the news that it might not drop until Columbus day.

About 2.49 for the cheap stuff in KY. :frowning:

Georgia is undergoing some gouging right now. We’ve historically had the lowest gas in America, and it’s around $2.40 in Cobb, $2.60 in Athens.

$2.53 or so. Last weekend it hit $3.20 in the Vineyard.

1.30 Euro / liter for regular unleaded in Germany. That’s $6 per gallon, so don’t be wheening when you have to pay $3 per gallon :stuck_out_tongue:

And because in as little as 8 years, all US oil deposits will be entirely drained, so you can’t drill much more.

Actually, Shimo, I think the raise in that price has more to do with Iraq. Every week I see reports of attacks against oil refineries there. And before the war, everybody knew that attacking that very place of the world would have a large impact on the price of the barrel.

It hit 1.04 in Toronto yesterday (although at night it always drops 10c/L). And two months ago it was in the low .70s. Man. -_-

Heh. Yesterday, I checked a website that was displaying the gas prices all over North America (except Quebec, for some reason). :stuck_out_tongue:

It was around 1.04$/L last week. When I drove to work yesterday, I saw it at 1.14$/L. It’s higher in Montreal, though, probably around 1.18-1.20. I drove to Boston earlier this summer and I was happy to see the gas being so cheap there. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s sad, when I started driving, gas was in the late 50 cents.

Yes I know Europe sucks on gas prices, I was just there. But it’s also infinitely easier to live there without a car than it is here, so I don’t feel too bad for you. And I don’t know what you’re talking about with US Oil depoists being drained in 8 years. Everyone loves to tout random numbers about how many years we have left before DOOM DOOM DOOM, but the fact remains oil is still relatively plentiful. There are large numbers of untapped fields remaining, and well over a trillion barrels sitting under shale plates out West. It’s just been too expensive to drill it before. I think that will change pretty soon. Not saying oil dependance is good, but seriously, people were saying the same thing 8 years ago. But unfortunately I foresee nothing but upward mobility for the price of gasoline, with perhaps a few lulls here and there if the Middle East ever calms the fuck down.

It’s 106.9 c/L here, the last overnight change was 101.5 up to that. Ah, if only SUVs were the clean, efficient vehicles they once were.