Gary Gygax fails save vs death

Gary Gygax, dead.

Never been much of a DnD player myself, but I’ve always seen what a huge game it has been. Mr. Gygax probably got a LOT of us started on gaming, and also got a lot of the current developers out there started on making them. So even though I never played DnD much myself, I can still see he’s done a lot.

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Man, and 4e is almost out, too.

Woulda been something if he kicked the bucket on the day it came out.

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Yes, we all lost a brilliant man, and Al Gore lost one of his best Action Rangers. ;_;

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I started my RPGing days with the early D&D stuff; I used to read Gygax’s columns in DRAGON magazine too. He sounded like a nice, slick guy. Unfortunately, he suffered a fate surprisingly similar to Stan Lee’s- he clashed with the new generation of TSR owners, left the company, started new games (that looked an awful lot like the old ones) later reconciled and was welcomed back to the fold.

I’ll miss him, but at least he managed to make a living -and fame- out of doing what he loved the most. We should all be so lucky.

RIP, Gary.

Well, p&p rpgs and at least the western branch of crpgs are directly beholden to the late Gary Gygax. Quite a good job.

Learned that just when I woke up. :frowning:

Why must all the swell guys die? ;_;

That won’t affect the release at all, since he isn’t a part of the team designing it.

Still, this makes me a little sad. A little nerdy part of me just died.

I have an older co-worker who partied with Gary… he fit ALL of the nerdy dweeb stereotypes according to Gavin. But… sad that he died. We all must go sometime