Gary Coleman is dead.


but what about kids in Africa

It’s okay Cless, this death is legit.

Also, this is not an RIP thread. It’s a death announcement. Those are fine :slight_smile:

Not that I was particularly fond of Coleman, but as someone who grew up watching “Different Strokes” I can’t help but feel sad at the various fates suffered by its cast members. Specially Dana Plato and her son. :frowning:

He was great in Avenue Q. And he was right - it must have sucked to be him. Cool that he was able to have a sense of humor about his short life.

I never saw the show he was on, but I know about him and his life story. He deserves praise for being able to live a seemingly happy and productive life with the condition(stunted growth) he had.

I still have Postal 2 sitting on a shelf somewhere.

It’s now even more disturbing.

First I hear thatthe Thundercats writer turned up a little less alive than before and now this? It makes me wonder which 80’s iconic figure will go next? Michal Jackson? Patrick Swayze?

Oh wait…

The 80’s weren’t that long ago…I mean if they were then that would mean that I’m old…and I’m too young to be old. :hyperven:

RPGs must be too long if we’re old.

Yeah, Gary Coleman’s passing was no surprise, he had been pretty ill for some time before his death. However, the fact that he had such humor in his life taking into account all the personal issues he was going through… it’s really something to be commended!