I threw my damned back out! This hasn’t ever happned to me before, and my lower back is in more pain than I’d ever possibly imagine. I tried a couple of things that didn’t work (such as laying on the floor for a looong time and such): does anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve my back pain? dies twice


You just answered your own question. Die twice! No more pain!

Bed of nails with one nail longer then the others right underneath your heart
Uh…pain reliever stuff tyenol or whatever you have or maybe alcohol to drink?
self care
more treatment Also links around that site

Go see a professional.

I’ve done that a couple times before…it’s NOT fun. o_o;

Take an asprin, tylenol with a cup of coffee (or something else with a lot of caffeine) or just an Excedrin (which has all of the above ingedients).
If you’re still at the point that walking is almost impossible, sit down on your back with a heat pad and put a pillow under your feet to keep them elevated.
For some exercises, try some of these, but if any of them make it hurt worse, stop.

A nice hot bath. It won’t cure you, but you’ll feel better for it.

if you’re still on the comp ummm get off the comp. But you have common sense. I would see a doctor…

Not with our medical plan I won’t… -_-

You should see somebody. :confused: But otherwise, lie down on the floor and place your feet and lower legs on a chair, so that your legs get into a 90 degrees form. Lie like that for a while, read something or listen to music, whatever, just don’t move around for some time.