Garland's second tale.

Garland’s ghost slumped over in the throne; his eyes glanced around the temple of fiends. At least he stayed in this world, with the help of chaos; the boat keeper quickly defeated the four fiends but could not defeat the wrath of chaos.

The ghost stood up and glided to the entrance of the temple, still nobody their. He tried to take a step out but couldn’t, something was stopping him. “I need a body.”
I know Said the voice of Chaos, but fainter than he used to speak like.

Garland walked through the alleyways of Coneria kicking the bins as he went. He picked up a stray cat and spoke. “They came and got a parade, I never did and they didn’t do anything. There were no fiends or Chaos. They did nothing.”
With the last sentence out of anger he strangled the cat and threw it in the bin. “They did nothing.”

Garland went where he always went to calm down, the temple of fiends. His boots hit the soil; by the time he got to the temple his formerly clean sword was dirty with imp blood. Garland’s ears pricked up, he heard the sound of voices. Garland followed the sound to the throne room, when he slowly opened the creaky door he saw a sight that shocked him. He saw it empty and their was no longer any noise.

Then a figure started to appear in the air in front of Garland. It looked just like himself but blurry, like he wasn’t really their. A voice just like Garland’s own came from the figure. “Just my luck the one who comes up here is the one of the five people I can’t possess. So you’ll just have to capture one, no five we need more bats, people for me, from the little kingdom.”
“No” Garland screamed to the figure.
Yes came a demonic voice from the figure.
“Yes.” Garland couldn’t help but reply.

Garland gave his armour to his most loyal lackey. “Make sure your seen at the dancing pony, but don’t speak.”
When the lackey left with the armour on, Garland left his room in the servant’s quarters, as no one knew what garland looked like apart from that lackey, garland did not care about being noticed. He walked down to the dungeons. “King is wheeze being attacked need all guards there pronto.”
Garland’s tone of voice practised for a long time demanded obedience, so the two guards left in a rush. Garland said to himself. “Remember to make sure their not punished to much.”

Garland read the names of the four prisoners, Rich, Kerry, Krake and Tiamant. Unlocking the cages Garland waited for the four to rush out. When they all did, garland knocked them all out with his gauntlet.

Garland threw the four criminals on the floor after finishing telling the figure what he had done to capture them. The figure then abruptly vanished and Rich stood up. “Don’t worry its me.”
The possessed Rich clapped his hand and the other three turned into bats. “Stay here and call me Chaos.”

Chaos ran through the forest under the cover of darkness when he saw a flame floating in midair behind the flame came a voice. “What are you doing at this time of night?”
Chaos sensed a great power from what was behind the flame. “Sue, Gary Sue?”
“No Bond, James Bond.” Said Kyle coming into view. Chaos was already running away.

Kyle went back to his group at the camp. “There is going to be trouble.”
“What makes you say that?” Said Dr. Unne.
“An escaped convict is running to Corneria, in the night carrying a magic sword.”
“That doesn’t prove anything.”

The sky warriors looked at the dwarves surrounding them and then at the map. “The map says this is Corneria.”
“Dwarves live in Dwarf land.” Said the heavily Lefein.
“Warp.” Said the blue robed Lefein.
The Dwarf land ambassadors for Corneria didn’t notice the sky warriors teleporting away far more interested in the drinking contest.

Chaos in Rich’s body ran into the military barracks leaving a string of dead in his wake, looking at the names of the new recruits. “Henchman, Stormtrooper and Traitor.”
He couldn’t find lackey until getting to the generals. “Kelfka, Lackey and Leo.”
Kicking open Lackey’s door, Chaos put Rich’s hand to Lackey and Rich fell down unconscious. Lackey put Rich on his shoulders and walked up to Garland’s room. Opening the door, Lackey quickly found one of Garland’s armour.

After Chaos, possessing Lackey’s body, put on the armour, he flashed a smile to the mirror and left. “Man, you look EVIL

Cid dropped his plans for the fire ship when the sky warriors teleported in. The sky warriors looked around at the small island surrounded by lava. “Red teleport us outside this mountain.”
The Red Mage chanted a spell.

As Cid saw them go he picked up the plans for the ship. “Let get to work.”

Chaos was walking out of he castle when he came to the royal chambers, after changing the twenty guards into bats, Chaos went into the princess’s room. “No wonder the rest of the kingdoms so poorly guarded.”
After picking up the princess Chaos went to leave the castle.

The thief who up to now was silent said. “Can we get to the temple of fiends yet.”
The white-cloaked figure said. “Yes”
Forest imps surrounded the group that teleported outside the temple of fiends, the thief, the fighter, the white mage, red mage and black mage.

Garland stubbed his toes on a rock.

The fighter was parrying two imps when struck in the back by another. The thief was dodging the imps when surrounded by five. Sheer numbers caught the white mage and black mage. Only the red mage managed to survive till Chaos struck his back with his sword.

“Ultima.” Said Chaos, the sword glowed red before sending a blast of utter power to destroy the imp but one. The one imp remaining snuck up on Chaos and struck the sword with such power it broke. Chaos strangled the remaining imp before picking up the lefein bodies and leaving.

When Chaos came bake to the temple of fiends, Garland looked in awe. “How did you carry seven people?”
“I just rock.” Came the reply.

Chaos couldn’t help but noticing the huge pit in front of the throne. Garland rushed over to Chaos. “I didn’t mean to, I just hit a rock.”
“I’ve found it, now nothing can stop me from ruling this pathetic world.” Said Chaos.
“You can’t take over this world.”
“Oh I can.”
“I shan’t let you.” Said Garland brandishing his sword.
“Let us discuss this Follow me.” Said Chaos walking up stairs that weren’t there before.

When Garland finally reached the top of the temple after coming up several stairs that destroyed the laws of physics Garland was punched in the back, falling off the roof. Grabbing hold of the roof with his left hand. Chaos went to look over the side of the castle. “Garland, I am your father, soul. I said soul.”
As his hand was chopped garland couldn’t help but cry out. “Nooooooooooooooooo.”

As Kyle was putting logs on the fire when he looked up. “My bad joke sense is tingling, their it goes again.”
Dr. Unne stopped reading his book. “I think I know what caused it.”
“My bad joke sense is tingling.”

It is a little known fact that the pqu’latrs tree, which will drive you mad, mad, bursts into flame when it’s hit by a being in armour falling from above. Luckily the tree is one of a kind and it is incredibly unlikely for that to happen.

Guess where Garland landed.

Kyle saw the freak forest fire and started using his great powers to put all the flames above the trees, and started successfully turning them into a ball.

Garland started to crawl out of the flames burnt and ill, he dragged his armour behind him as he put on his armour he saw his dead wife’s remains. “What happened to her?”
“Why you killed he.” Said a voice in his head.
“Noooooo.” He said for the second that day.

Amazingly enough Garland had killed his wife. She was picking berries on the berry bush and chose to bury one. She would find the place in the wood, she thought to herself.
But it was not to be as some moron hit the mad, mad tree and all her dreams went up in smoke.

Lackey’s son ran to the light warriors out of breath when he reached there. “Cast most powerful spell to forest quickly.”
The rest of the light warriors casted their spells quickly, when it was black wizards turn he casted a nuke onto the burnt forest.

“Come on.” Said Kyle as he started to put the nuke with rest of the flames it stated to shrink until it was pebble sized and it landed just above Kyle’s hand, he placed it into his bag of non-inflammable.
“See trouble, now lets get you home.” Said Kyle as he started to walk away, Unne following him.

Chaos couldn’t help grinning at the destruction he had caused, and with the pit he had found he grinned. “I am invincible.”

Chaos sat in the pit holding a large tome reciting he said. “By the dragon queen’s power, I take the dragon king’s gift.”

The light warriors awoke, to see a black creature in the corner of the room. The black mage stepped forward. “Nuke.”
Nothing came, the group just then realised that they looked as they looked before the job change. The shadow quickly left.

The shadow of power ran to the rat-tail, crossing seas on its way. Picking up the tail it went where the tail was before the light warriors ever got it.

Chaos again looked at the book. “The light shall be extinguished.”

The light warriors felt another change seeing the room darker. Fighter pointed out that the orbs were once again dark. One by one the light warriors experienced terror. White mage muttered. “What’s doing this?”

“Sky to bats.”

The sky warriors regained consciousness and went to walk out of the temple, when they found they couldn’t walk or leave the temple. They looked at each other in horror, seeing bats linked to the temple in their place.

Once again chaos looked at the book. “Fiends relive.”

The four criminals turned bats started to morph into the shapes of the fiends. Kraken was first to react feeling a need for water and stormed out of the castle and jumping into the sea.

Kary was second, teleporting to the nearest volcano, Tiamat flew away and Lich walked.

Chaos grinned. “Now to defeat the light warriors. The light warriors d-”
The magic tome was destroyed by a sharp sword, stopping it from being used again. Chaos looked at Garland who was already running back up the pit. In rage Chaos ran to him, and followed him outside the temple.

Chaos looked around but couldn’t find Garland anywhere. He eventually stopped looking and went back to the temple. It was then Garland leaped from his hiding place and ran to the closest cruise ship.

On the ship Garland thought. “Now they will do something and deserve their fame.”
The world is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild and the earth begins to rot. The people wait, their only hope is a prophecy…
“When the world is in darkness Four Warriors will come”

Garland laid on the boat tired when a bald man came up to him, his bare chest sweated in the sun. Special gloves covered his hands, designed to improve their fighting ability. “Why are you here.”
“I, I had to get away from him, he might have killed me.” Said Garland. “I don’t know why he didn’t follow me though.”
“Oh he was most likely a major villain, ancient magic older than time itself traps villain in their own realms, I think its to stop other bad guys meddling with others plans, you get me.”

Chaos grimaced and muttered a spell. “Let Leviathan awake.”
Satisfied, Chaos left for the temple, glad that at last Garland was gotten rid of and that now he knew the light warriors plan ahead of time.
“I am invincible. I shall knock them all down, they shall once again fear the name of the great chaos.”
It turned out that the bald man’s name was Yang, when Garland heard a cry go out and people yelled about a monster. Garland saw Yang jump overboard just before getting knocked off his feet and falling in the sea.

Please, it’s “might have”. Consider this the next time or I might of to kill you.