Garage Sale HORROR story

So, I’m going to garage sales, right. And so I’m looking for video games right. I got another Dreamcast, and a Sega Master Sytem with light pistol and all the stuff, and three dreamcast games, all racing, and all crap, cept for Crazy Taxi, but I couldnt leave them to be thrown away, that’d make me cry. anyway, so we’re driving by this one house and i’m like “GASP! OMG” and there was a NINTENDO! mines broken and I have no wires.

anyway, so I yell out the window “HOW MUCH FOR THE NES, BITCH?” and the bitch was all like “FIVE DOLLARS, ESSAY” she called me Essay cuz she was a mexican. Then I get out of the car, all happy and shit. Then I look at it, and ask “Do the games come with it, you venereal disease ridden prostitute?” And she says “Oh, its being held for this lady” and points to the woman in a truck behind me.

That dirty slut, I shoulda slit her throat.

I want a new NES.

At least there are garage sales near you. Where I live, everyone’s so afraid of everyone else that a garage sale would never happen… -_-

Give me your NES, you venereal disease ridden prostitute!

And where I am, they only sell crap.

You’re all ignoring my pain and disapointment, which is causing more pain and disapointment.

Wow… I have a NES, my brother kept it, and I bought it off him… same with the SNES.
Happy :slight_smile:


where I am no one has a garage and therefore no one can have a GARAGE sale ;_;

You’re all ignoring my pain and disapointment, which is causing more pain and disapointment.

oh charles you of all people should know that we only feel true pleasure when you are in torment. :moogle:

I like to watch you suffer.

You’re lucky, all we have here is garbage sales.

My pants are undone


Have a Yard Sale if you dont have a garage.

Oh, then I’m okay to say it!

I go to garage sales all the time too looking for SNES RPG’S and though i frequently see SNES games and Super Nintendo systems i have yet to see the old NES for sale at a garage sale- and forget used game stores- SNES games and systems are too old for them to sell i have been told at the stores so that makes a NES a dinosaur to them-I really wish you good luck in finding a NES.Maybe when you find one the seller will also have Dragon Warrior 4 with it in original box and with instructions,and while we are at it let’s add Crystalis too with box and instructions- Not being sarcastic here- i really hope you do find those games with the NES when you find a seller-
Another option- There is the Woodland Hills swap meet near me and a video game seller there has a controller looking device that hooks up to a TV with AV cord for $25- This device has stored hundreds of NES games in it’s memory- Maybe you would want that if you can’t find a NES at a yard sale- just a suggestion and i know you live close to the Woodland Hills Swap meet.

Rather rude to merchants, aren’t you?

I actually found Crystalis in mint condition with box, instructions and poster for 3 dollars (along with about a dozen or two other NES and SNES games in the same condition) last year at a pawn shop (my location of choice for finding classic games).

People have been selling those around in malls and stuff all over the place. They’re pirate, so it’s illegal to sell them, and if you’re gonna obtain games illegally, you might as well just download the ROMs for free.

EDIT: I just noticed how strange it is that Charlemagne was able to find a Sega Master System with apparent relative ease, but is having such difficulty finding a used NES. There are at least 10x as many used Nintendos floating around than Master Systems, so you should be thankful for what you’ve got.

Wow, good point Hiryuu. I never hear people even talk about the Master System, let alone have one. Does anybody here know the game Fantasy Zone?

Yeah, I know it. And I own the Game Gear version of it, cleverly titled “Fantasy Zone Gear”, which isn’t nearly as good, unfortunately. =(

Suddenly I fear for the safety of my own NES.

There there, little guy, the evil Charlemagne won’t hurt you!

And we too have garbage sales, Nul.

I dont want an NES that used to belong to an idiot