Don’t know how many of you on here read it, but to those of you that do, did ch. 237 disappoint you in a sense? :frowning:

[SPOILER]Actually, no. I was looking forward to seeing how the new team order works and it would have been really shitty if Kurono had retaken his post so “soon” (In the manga’s time obviously, plenty of real time has passed thanks to Oku’s goddamned breaks).

So Kei is dead. For the third time now. Zero Omega would be proud.

Prediction: Kato will get 100 points in the next mission(s) and revive Kurono, who will serve as an Orlandu-like plot device in the final battle.[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER]I was interested in that as well, but I was hoping to see some more of Kurono going berserk in a mission after all these damned breaks. Guess thats why I was a wee dissappointed. Oh well, I got to see him kill off plenty of vamps.

I’m guessing that either Kato or Reika will revive Kurono. Quite curious as to whether anyone will bother reviving Izumi. But that’s a hell of a way to end phase 1. Main character dies in the first chapter, and again in the final. Beautiful.[/SPOILER]