Gaming question for those of you with HDTVs

How do last-gen (and older) games look on HDTVs?

Eh, they look fine. Just make sure you format your screen.

Depends. You’ll get a lot of pixelation usually. You get used to it a little bit. Expect to spend a couple hundred bucks on cables to re-relay everything otherwise things will really look like garbage.

Don’t get an HDTV unless you have a good reason to get one (like a PS3 or a 360 elite). The Wii is on the very lowest end of HD. The PS2 and below is stuff you’ll defiently want to get a feeling for. Don’t forget the component cables.

I highly recommend getting a feel for it before buying it. Bring test samples and compare. There are some REALLY bad looking HDTVs out there. I’m amazed anyone even buys em.

The best reason to get an HDTV, and this is no lie, is for sports. My God. Watching college football games in HD is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

That said, I’ve seen HDTVs mess with coordination for some non-HD games. It took me a little while to get used to Halo 2 on HD after having played it for a while on NTSC.

Component cables for the ps2 are a waste if money, I thought everything looked noticeably worse after using some and went back to s-video cables. I’d compare it to how ps2 games looked on the ps3 right after it was released.

Actually , they’re not a waste. I’ve had some nasty graphical glitches without them. Every game I tried had bugs with the sprite/character animations.

Well on my tv they look like shit and I’ve tried different cables. Maybe it’s because I have a terribly old ps2.

As I mentionned, the pixelation can be pretty bad. For example, FFXII really didn’t transition well, unfortunately.

I noticed that with FFXII. Luckily, my other games seem to work fine with it.

With my laptop, I’m used to pixellation. Ah well.

I believe my HDTV (I have a Samsung) has a video setting specifially for playing non-HD video games to avoid the badness, but I’ll need to double check. I haven’t played anything on it since I moved, even thought I have my old PS2 and my Gamecube connected.

Srlsly. It actually makes a lot of sense. You don’t really need the detail in movies, where everything is either moving quickly or not graphically important enough to care about detail. Sports, on the other hand, have intricate movements of relatively small objects, relative to the space they’re played in, and it’s pretty important to be able to differentiate one from another.

The same is probably true for (most) games.

Please, though, for the love of god, do not do what everyone else I know does with standard definition stuff - stretch it so it fills the whole screen. Maybe I’m bothered by incorrect aspect ratio more than most people. It just looks really REALLY bad to me. Black bars plzkthx.

I second the black bars.

Guess I’ll hold back on getting one for a long while then :slight_smile: