Gaming Moments that made you cry...

My Winamp just swithed to Celes’ Opera Scene and I remembered the first time I seen it.

It was Christmas Vacation about one, two years ago. I just started playing Emulator games and found FF6, one of the actual FIRST RPGs I ever played. I was comfortable in a black velvet recliner, all squishy n’shit, and had a nice cup of eggnog to the side with some headphones on, when I heard and saw this song/opera piece. I was in tears it was so damn good.

Anyone have any remeberances?

Aeris Died ;_; Well, i almost cried. Also, the ending to FFX was rather touching. And FF9, and FF8… The FFs are all Drama queens.

Games have never come close to doing that to me unless it’s very, very late. And even then it’s not really that close.

I know I did during the Lunar games. Multiple times.

Originally posted by Epicgamer
I know I did during the Lunar games. Multiple times.

Yeah, same here. And once, when I was really, really depressed, and I was playing MMX for the first time…

Jesus, i actually felt a tear at Zero’s death, for some reason!

I don’t think I’m able to cry. It hasn’t happened in eight or nine years, anyway. If it did? Maybe it’d be during Chrono Trigger’s final farewell.


I don’t think I’ve cried while playing a game.

I’ve been stunned: CC’s good ending.

I’ve been in awe: the intro to FF VIII, the final CT fight.

I’ve been enraged: the Playstation freezing up at the intro to the last fight in Star Ocean 2.

I’ve actively swore at the TV: Cave of Trials, Ancient Cave, Rafa+Malak’s mad me-killing skillz.

But cried? Nope.

It’s really hard to get a tear out of me, It doesn’t matter how sad I am. I couldn’t cry when my Grandfather died, much less for a game.

Still, one scene that got me sad was In Bahamut Lagoon. The part where you join with Palpaleos and Yoyo dumps Byuu. I just felt sad for the poor kid. Though I wasn’t sad at all when Palpaleos got stabbed in the end.
The opera Scene in FF6 can be a close bet. One magnificent soundtrack for an old game like that.

The ending to FFT I believe. Also, the ending to FF8 maybe.

Well obviously this one :When Aeris died

Also this :When Nei died

Lastly :When Alys died

I also cried a lot during Lunar, mainly because the music and the scene went so well together I just lost it. I even cried once during Valkyrie Profile heh.

Edit : Meh so I forgot to put in these :

when aeris died.

many would agree with me, and some already have.

The opening of FF8, when I fist got the game, this was back when I was mega-RPG fan… Now I’m just like whatever.

It was so beautiful… But looks can be deceiving…

I’m surprised no one said anything about FFX.

Xelo said something about FFX,

I never really did have a moment I have cried but it I was kind of sad in FF6 when Celes has her “sucide moment” when I let Cid die.

yeah. same here.

I thought the piece of music they play in Crono Trigger when

Frog is having his flashbacks to his past life as Glenn, and his memories of Cyrus, and the tragic fate that befell him and Cyrus at Magus’ and Ozzie’s hands; i.e. Cyrus being killed and Glenn being turned into Frog

Had the biggest emotional effect on me as a gamer. I didn’t cry (I generally am not a crier), but, if I were the sort of person more given to shedding tears, those moments (especially with that music) would’ve gotten me, most assuredly.

EDIT: If you’ve got the PSX version of CT that comes in Final Fantasy Chronicles, and you’ve unlocked all the goodies, it’s track #50 in the music box section, entitled “Depths of the Night.”

The only game that actually made me cry was Traysia. The ending to THAT RPG was very sad…

FF6:When Cid dies
FF10:The ending (Auron, and then Tidus)
IoG:When Hamlet dies
CC:When you fight Miguel. I don’t know why.

I’m not really a crier, either.
I think one of the FF scenes I felt the most from was the “You’re Not Alone” scene from FF9. That’s also one of my fave FF musics ever. :slight_smile:

Some point in PSIV. Either when Alys dies, or maybe at the end. FFX. Xenogears. FF6 the first time I played it.