Gaming Failures

As some of you might have noticed, did a Top 25 list of Gaming’s Dumbest Moments (although or 4 had to do with Ion Storm and John Romero, but with him that’s worth like 2 or 3 right there so) which can be found here. Something Awful, which has often times been extremely critical of games anyway, did an excellent article on the 5 Worst Gaming Jerks of all time (again, John Romero makes da list) which can be found here. Although a lot of the Gamespy one involved stuff before my time, I found myself sighning and nodding at just about all of it. As Fargo put it, the gaming industry is a lot like the dot-com boom: There’s a lot of money involved, and when there’s a lot of money someone’s bound to get stupid with it.

So, what are your thoughts? Can you think of some even better gaming disasters? Bonus points for flaming about Empire Earth.

Quake and Doom rock, therefore John Romero also rocks. It’s all logic.

I certainly hope that was a sick joke.

Quite an interesting article, it reminded me of a similar one I read in Next Generation years ago.

There are several cases that I can think of…

-Sierra’s recent woeful record with QA work on games. Red Baron 3D, anyone? How about FPS Football 1999, the game so buggy that the entire stock was recalled.

-Xtreme Paintbrawl, the game so rushed that the programmers weren’t even able to add AI.

-The LoZ games on the CDi.

-The cancelling of the Babylon 5 game right when it was about to be finished.

-Hasbro fires the entire Falcon staff, a few months after Falcon 4.0 ships. The flight sim fans are up in arms, as Microprose (the single largest sim maker in the business) no longer makes simulation games. Much gnashing of teeth ensues.

I’m sure I could think of some others if I tried really, really hard. Maybe later.

How about the total scrapping of Origin’s best games?

Ultima: Asencsion anyone?

Not to mention that their customer support went down the crapper.

Possibly one of the worst moments was the dissolving of Looking Glass. I loved those guys…

What about Fear Effect: Inferno? Capcom (I think it was them) owns the license to it and cut off Kronos (they were making the game) because of money problems… Now Kronos is about to go out of business unless they can get another job fast.

I like FE. ;.;

Originally posted by Pierson
Possibly one of the worst moments was the dissolving of Looking Glass. I loved those guys…

At least Thief 3 IS in development. I was praying for that for years.

Persoanlly i pray for System Shock 3 more than anything else. I…i…i…insects…:slight_smile:

Um… who the fuck made Ephermeral Phantasia?

Does anyone remember the two LBA games? They were great for their time, and it’s a shame the company that made them was dismantled… It’s also a shame that the X-COM games haven’t received any attention in the last few years, except for X-COM Enforcer.

The last great X-Com game was Interceptor. I was really looking forward to Alliance, but they canned it. Damn.

I loved X-COM Apocalypse! Too bad they didn’t make a 100% Windows version… The only version I know of had a Win95 autorun, but it was DOS-based, so I can’t run it on my Pentium 4, and it won’t even recognize my sound card.

Ouch. Try finding some sites that have older versions of sys files to run them. I KNOW there’s a way. Try; ‘Play DOS games in windows’ in Google.

Capcom’s decision not to release the Rockman Collection in North America because apparently Americans “didn’t go for 2D anymore”.

Oh, and the Virtual Boy.

Ahh, the VBoy. I remember that. Whata screwup…

And Squaresofts refusal to release Chrono Cross in the UK. I had to actually download it from eMule. All 1.4 Gb of it.