Gaming Decisions

<img src=“”> Excuse me if this questions has been asked before, but what methods do you make to decide what game to play? Do you flip a coin to see if you will replay Lunar or buy a new copy of Xenosaga? Or flipping cards help you decide if Castlevania AoS is worth buying or just flipping the old Darkwing Duck GB game in? While we at it, I need to decide what rpg to play now. Still have a save on Lunar, but also want to start a new game on FF7 or FF9. Or does Paper Mario or Secret of Mana sound better? I only ask this since I need a game to play whlie continuing to play Perfect Dark on the N64.

I generally just keep playing whatever’s in there until I get done with it. Currently, that’s “Enter the Matrix.”

Usually I flip a coin if there are 2 games I REALLY wanna play/buy.

I pick my games based on my friend’s thoughts on it. I usually wait for one of my friends to tell me what its like before i buy it, which usually means i dont get games right at launch. And besides, i trust my friends to know which games are worth playing more than i would a magazine like EGM, who has to give reviews to a broad audience. My friends know what i like so i can trust that if they say i will like it. I’ll like it.

Other times i just go by my gut reaction. If it looks like a good game or not.

Whatever the urge tells me to do. I get cravings for a certain game at any odd time.

Well, I would buy a new game over one I already played, Goldeneye.

I have a very systematic approach to it:

  1. I buy the newest game guides that come out (RPGs only.) One at time; if I more than one goes for sale at a time, I check them all out and buy whichever looks coolest.

  2. I read the guide completely, while taking notes. This takes me about a week.

  3. I buy the game the guide is based on.

  4. I play the game until I’ve found and done EVERYTHING in it. This usually takes me two weeks.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4, modified by availability of money.

I put a buncha names in a hat, and pick however many I think I’ll buy.

Wow. Ya know Wil a trip to blockbuster would save you oodles of money and time. Just rent the damn thing, play it, if you like it, buy it, if you don’t, return it. Maybe $4 at most.

Me? Well, I base my games on the developers a lot. Games by companies that I know have put out good games in the past get my attention the most. Then I read a few reviews, see what’s good, and if a game catches my interest before release I’ll read any previews in the numerous magazines I get.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Games by companies that I know have put out good games in the past get my attention the most.

Same here. If it’s a genre I like then I’ll either rent if it’s said as being short in reviews or it looks mrely good, or buy if it’s long or looks utterly brilliant.

I buy whatever I feel the sudden urge to buy when I’m at the game store. Likewise, I play whatever smacks me in the head as I dig games out of the big blue tub of fun in my room. (It’s one of those rather large blue totes that I keep my games in)

I almost never want more than one game at a time, so I never have any problems. And uh, if I do, I just make money and get it :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing wrong with doing a little work. :stuck_out_tongue: But I suppose that’s not an option for everybody.

It’s all gut instinct.

Originally posted by Evangelion
Whatever the urge tells me to do. I get cravings for a certain game at any odd time.

same here… last night i played mega fuckin man 1 for gameboy for instance

If I’ve just bought a game, that usually gets top priority for the first week or so at least [Exception: The 3rd installment of the DotHack series, which I picked up yesterday; I’m gonna hold off on that until I finish DH2, which I won’t start until I finally finish DH1]

Beyond that, it’s usually whatever I get a “hankering” for, just like my musical selection. Sometimes I’ll get an urge to replay one game regularly, others I’ll never finish (same thing happens with music; certain bands make it back into the CD player much more often than others).

Though usually if I progress far in a game but don’t finish and switch away from the game for a while, I’m much more likely to want to start the game over when I get back to it (if I get back to it, that is… sorry FF7 and 9).

As for what will prompt me to buy a game? Who knows. Could be anything. Well, anything that is save for commercials on TV. I got into DotHack by playing a demo disk from a local EB. Grand Theft Auto got my attention via personal recommendations and “buzz.” Other times it’ll be a company and/or franchise I have come to trust. I did buy Xenosaga primarily on magazine review (“buzz” from discussion boards, inclucing youse guys, also factored in).

Originally posted by Evangelion
Whatever the urge tells me to do. I get cravings for a certain game at any odd time.

…Super… Mario… Bros… 3…

I play what is around, and what requires a minimal effort to install and play.

If the game requires me to restart, I’ll probably find something else to play.

I like my uptime, and I’m lazy.

I usually just play whatever game I’m in the mood for. But if I get a new game, it takes priority. So I’ll play that util, I’m done, or bored, then I go back to the one I was originally on and finsih that off.

When I need to decide what game to buy, I mostly check the reviews, both official and unofficial. And see whether it sounds good enough to get, or not.