Gametap's closing down;title;2

Yes, I know it’s just “for sale,” but who would really keep this thing going? The saddest part is, we just got Fallout. Fucking Fallout. And Fallout 2 and Tactics were already scheduled.

All gametap did was repackage glorified roms. So whatever.

…Have you used GameTap in, like, the last year?

The focus shifted away from old arcade games and the like, and into PC titles. In fact, at last tally, there was about $725 worth of games also available on Steam, that you could play for $10 a month. There was also considerable effort placed behind independent titles, such as the Sam and Max games (which are kickass, and you should all play), American McGee’s Grimm (which reminds me why I fucking hate American McGee), and several other small little titles.

I understand WHY it got the representation as a “bunch of roms,” considering THAT WAS ALL THEY FUCKING ADVERTISED (in the worst commercials of all recorded history), but the service was very thought out, had a huge number of games I’d never even heard of or would have never been able to play before, and I’ll genuinely miss it when it is shut down.

It’s a pretty bad business model though.

Rinn knows.

I have always wanted to try it out but my computer doesn’t meet the requirements lol. I hate having no graphics card O_O

No graphics card …? Isn’t that, like, having a car with no battery nowadays?

I was able to get it to run using an Intel card…and not one of those slightly less shitty ones, I’m talking about the AGING RELICS of the early 2000s! Not everything worked (a lot of the newer Windows games will not run at all), but the vast majority of games ran perfectly fine. It’s more a matter of having a fast enough CPU and memory.