I heard that a GameShark can be used on a Playstation 2 to circumvent the difficulties associated with trying to play or watch a [STRIKE]burned[/STRIKE] Japanese game. Is this true?

It may be, but you’ll need another device that allows you to <i>watch</i> a <i>game</i>.

I doubt it. That functionality is technically illegal, and gameshark seems like too legit of a company to do something like that. I might be wrong though, and going to the site to check it out is way too much work for me. They do, however, make devices (bootloaders, slidecards) that work the same way as the a gameshark, but let you play games region free. It works sort of like Bleem, if you ever used that.

But if you mean removing regions from DVDs, well, thats a different story. Thats not illegal, so its much more likely that a Gameshark will have that feature.

With GS2, I think you can watch Jap videos on your PS2. I tried it on mine and it worked.