Games that could be better

They did that with the DS remake. It’s still unbalanced but now you get two easier modes to play with (with the original mode as Hard).

Quest for Glory V.

This game was simply unfinished. The graphics were subpar for the time, there were numerous game-breaking glitches, and about half of the promised content (including two additional characters and online multiplayer) were ditched before release. None of the QFG games had a truly stellar plot, but this games’ was especially weak, even compared to the even more lackluster third game.

All of this could be forgiven if the gameplay was tighter. It wasn’t. Sierra decided to ditch the “adventure” part of the adventure/RPG format in favor of a generic action-rpg. The clever puzzles were mostly gone, replaced with razing villages of pirates and attacking hydras. Even this could have been epic if the controls actually worked. Fighting anything was both simplistic and frustratingly cumbersome. The AI was so bad that enemies would blindly wander into your attacks time and again; however, the keyboard layout was so painfully obtuse that actually lining up to your opponent took a lot of effort.

Still, I…actually enjoyed the game a little. If some more effort had gone into tweaking the glitches and graphics, improving the combat (maybe a single click system, or using the WASD keys to move), and adding in some of the missing content (especially bows, that would have been awesome), the game woudl have been the perfect sendoff for the series. As it stands, it’s just a footnote in an otherwise fine series.

Now I remember what games I was going to post about. The Lufia games after 2.

What few redeemable ideas used in Lufia 3 were quickly overwhelmed by the incompatibility between turn-based and rogue-like RPG subsystems (i.e. 20 floors of long, boring, copy & paste dungeons with each battle taking about 3 minutes apiece). Further worsening the situation was the sheer retardedness of being able to bring 9 characters to a battle only to use 3 of them at any given time (one from each column) leaving 6 useless targets at any given time. Better still was that you could gameover just by having the front row go down. Early on this is a major problem thanks to side-attacks and ambushes where your front row had only one paper thin caster to keep you from total annihilation for the whole fight despite the 6 other perfectly able fighters ready to take up the cause. Nothing else the game does can possibly redeem it from those grievous flaws.

Then there’s Ruins of Lore. While it doesn’t reach the depths of retardedness that TLR Wave Motion system did, it does it’s damnedest to surpass it with overall shit design (and succeeds miserably too). Most noticeably is the game’s [STRIKE]Pokemon[/STRIKE] Disk Monster collecting system which pretty much every RPG had at this point in one form or another. And like the many Pokemon clones of the time this one tried to differentiate itself from the pack with it’s own twists on the formula. In this case you could have the monster either join with their assigned character or, using the series recurring IP gauge, they could fuse together to bring forth a more powerful version of the monster. This along with the monsters themselves might’ve worked had the developers spent a little (and by a little I mean a lot) more effort to add some variety to bpth the monster’s potential move list and to their AI. Not only was the move list sparse but fused monsters only performed one attack continuously until the fusion-ha wore off, and only one attack ever (making certain types of monsters useless in fusion mode or even detrimental to your efforts). Of course monsters weren’t even the meat of the gameplay (especially since only three out of the five playable characters ever used monsters) when you had a master/apprentice ability growth system also popular during the period. Of course they screwed this up too by including enough useless abilities to make a FF game look conservative. Even better was that, just like the monsters, only three of the five characters could learn from masters making the other two quite useless (and it’s the same two that can’t use monsters). Of course the stupid doesn’t quite end there since the skills themselves are so repetitive and glitchy (useless too) that they make the disk monster thing look well designed (well ok, more like it wasn’t designed like lazy shit like it would to the casual observer). Fortunately, Dekar the less useless of the two inert PCs, realizes that his potential is being wasted on an enemy that’s being threatened by the loser brigade and decides to hightail it out of there (despite the fact that said enemy is threatening the world with some over-sized disk monster). Then there’s the ancient cave that forces your main character to go it alone (or with one of the many useless monsters in the game) which means that completing it (or even putting in a good effort really) will allow him to basically steamroll the entire game singlehandedly (so much for balance). And of course the list goes on with all the bugs, glitches, horribly unbalanced design, laziness, dumb writing (Dekar leaving IS the best part), pointless plot points, redundant items, and so on.

Yet another 16-bit era series down the drain. ::dekar!::

Is Crono Cross a bad game? I was thinkin about trying to play is since I loved chrono trigger so much.

CC isn’t a bad game per say, but it does take a massive dump on CT in the process.

Also its plot is confusing as hell (to the point where many of the intricacies are still being argued about to this day).

Chrono Cross was one of the worst games i have played the story was so terrible that i couldn’t even begin to follow and every character in the game is weaker in every shape or form than you so what the fuck put whoever you want on the team it doesn’t matter because they all suck:fungah:

If you’re asking should I play it. I’ve got one word for you > :noway:

Okay so it’s more like one … sprite…

The only way for that game to be any better was to never make it at all. It was a betrayal to anyone who played Crono Trigger , I can’t even believe I even beat that game… I just kept saying “It’s going to get fun … it has to! It’s Crono for christs sake!”… I never did…