Games for the Holidays

I worked for 12 hours a day, many times without a break, for about 5 days straight, went to college, went to Waco for my Mock Trial team, and splurged like crazy. I felt like I deserved something I guess.

I bought Trauma Center: New Blood. If you have a Wii, it deserves a rental. It’s story presentation is a great deal better than Second Opinion. It’s a new story with some really nice VO. It’s still presented with the anime “clippings” but I can’t express enough how the voice acting added a new amount of depth. I bought Super Mario Galaxy as well, but everything that should be said about that game has already been said.

If you have a PS3, rent Uncharted. I really enjoyed it. It’s got a nice vibe to it. The guy at the game store convinced me to buy it instead of Assassin’s Creed. I’m not saying it’s better than AC after playing that game as well, but I feel like it’s the equivalent of a popcorn movie. It’s a good ride.

AC is an experience rivaling Shadow of the Colussus. SC’s less is more storytelling and gameplay is still more appealing to me, but seriously, this is like choosing between two different sweets. You’re still happy either way.

…That’s it though. No more. I STILL haven’t beaten FFXII. No more games. Nope. Not buying another one.

I’ve had FFXII since March and still not beaten, but that’s even worse compared to DQ: Journey of the Cursed King from last year. Okay, so epics like these may have lost their grip on me, but… I still crave good multiplayer games. Result: I have three Wii titles I want to get rid of because their multi wasn’t satisfactory for our group. (Mario Soccer/Lego SW Complete/Marvel Ultimate Alliance … Anyone got Warioware/Alien Syndrome and want to trade?)

I have a HUGE craving towards Smash Bros Brawl (Who doesn’t!?) and I still need to try out Mario Galaxy, The Olympics game (Rental at first if possible) and all those Zapper games (I’m a sucker for lightgun or lightgun-like games)

Help me out RPGC, what do I do? (Other than procrastrinate with my school projects to obtain time for games alongside WORK…)

The Mario and Sonic Olympics game got pretty uninspiring reviews across the board.

Not that you’d need to wait for the reviews to guess it’d be meh.

I recently got a PS3 because Sony has been stripping more and more compatability out of them. They forced my hand and I bought a 60GB one because I don’t want to miss out on my PS2 games with the new system. The game I bought with it was a little disappointing. With a console, I don’t have to have to sit through 2 system very huge updates and an install that takes longer than a 5GB PC game (Company of Heroes for example). Heavenly Sword took a LONG time and it says it only takes 2GB on the hard drive. Console games aren’t supposed to typically force you to install anything either. shrug I still find it disappointing that I was forced into bying this system I was planning on putting off until FF13 just because Sony realized they could actually make money on the system by selling it with a 20GB bigger hard drive and with the emotion engine chip removed for 50-75$ more and release a 40GB for a little less with even the software compatability with PS2/PS1 removed. sigh

I am looking forward to Garage Band, but only if it actually picks up and plays and doesn’t force my family to have to wait to play. Heavenly sword’s load times are still pretty bad even with it installed on the hard drive…

The compatability of the system isn’t perfect either, some of my games (Grandia 2) work only sometimes. Others, not at all. (From testing). Mind you, there are the occasional games that work great. But you can’t get your old save data rom your PS2 memory cards!

What always put me off most about the system was Sony’s outright arrogance about the system. “Just try to find a store with a PS3 in stock” “Most powerful system in the world” “We’ve got motion controls”. Sony also always only gives the raw numbers of what the system is capable of doing, but never its actual performance. Same went for the PS2. Their specs blew Gamecube and Xbox out of the water theoretically, but couldn’t even manage to run Resident Evil 4 without a 50% polygon reduction in the characters from the Gamecube version. Sony better give me a good game for this system soon and stop with their (Andore’s?) lies. An engineer of theirs was even fired a while ago for leaking that the Xbox 360 is more powerful because the OS on it is much more efficient…

The system overheats on the most miniscule tasks, even idling or watching a DVD causes it to overheat and causes me to worry for the Cds ctored on the shevles above and below the system. I’m sure the hardware compatability shouldn’t cause the system to struggle so much when running a PS1 or PS2 game either… my laptop can do all of these things and not go through too much trouble. (Except the PS2 game thing, sony’s previous processor was so non-standard and odd even THEY can’t make software to emulate it right in the chip-less PS3s.) I just inserted an Audio Cd. A generic orchestral album, it forced me to sign an EULA rather than even opting to put my own song names in… than it took 20 minutes before it even found the name. I seem to remember a Cd ripping program for the PC that could access a database for Cds… but it would only take a minute to do so… Why even give the PS3 all these features if it can’t even do them well? I had to move Sony’s own marketing literature away from the shelf below the PS3 because I started smelling burned paper… This thing pretends to be the most powerful thing on the planet and able to handle so many tasks, but it’s hotter running and slower at every task than an equal (or, sigh, even lower) priced laptop… Supposedly the OS loaded onto the PS3 is a variant of Linux… but it’s so loaded with DRM interference they don’t even include the ability to use the Linux audio filetypes of OGG and FLAC… that and what’s more insulting is because the XBox 360 is less geared towards “Try to do everything” and more “Take these specific popular things and make them work”. Basically, the PS3 is the PC of the console world… only without the games to make it awesome… which I suppose is why so many mac users have Xbox 360’s.


Sony! Drop the Arrogance and just give me fun games that don’t have tacked on junky motion controls! Controlling shot stuff in Heavenly Sword is annoying and Lair is this generation’s ET: The Extraterrestrial.

On the Wii side of things:

Get Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It’s awesome!