Games for sale

Ok… here’s what I got…

Legend of Dragoon

SaGa Frontier

I’ve also got a PAL copy of Vagrant Story. (Sorry, Mabat =()

Reason why I’m selling them is that the two first I cannot get into them no matter how hard I try, third simply dosen’t work with my TV.

WARNING : You need a TV that can take PAL signals for VS.

Name your price if interested.

Let me know either here, via PM or email.


What system are they for?

They’re all PS1

Edit : Beat me to it, Z :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly does PAL mean?

It’s the european TV signal thingy…

Just being curious, but exactly what is the lowest, you will sell them for?

facepalm that is such a bad question 8P

Make offers… 10 $ is good. If you want lower, ASK.

Dude, DG…you gotta let me have SaGa Frontier… :open_mouth: Name your price.

<img src=“”> That too bad you couldn’t get into those games, Dragon God. While I yet to try Legend of Dragoon, I have played and beat Vargrant Story and SaGa Frontier. It a pity too, SaGa and Vargrant were some of my favorites too. If I didn’t get SaGa Frontier used from EB Games for 10, I would have bought that copy from you. Oh well, maybe someone else will buy it from you.

I’ll pay treeeee-fity more than whatever SG is willing to pay for SaGa Frontier.

… No, I’m not making an offer, I just wanted to put a little scare into SG. DG, I’m sorry for being a tease for about three seconds.

SG, how much would you be willing to pay ?

No, I have no intention of ripping you off, since it’s in used condition(game plays perfectly, it was bought at a pawn shop last year for 20$ CAD), how about… 5$ ? Or do you think it’s worth more ??? O.o

Rirse : Have you played a bunch of RPGs in your time ? If yes, LoD wouldn’t be a good idea, it’s VERY generic.