Gamefaqs "Best Game Ever" spring contest

I completed my bracket honestly - asked the question if I could keep one of these 2 titles, and could never play the other again, what would I choose?

Here’s my final 16:

Mario 3


Mario World

Zelda LTTP



Kingdom Hearts
Skies of Arcadia


Final 4:



Winner - FFVI

I hated to see Suikoden 2 face off against Xenogears in the second round! That was a painful choice. Wish Xenosaga was in the 128 bracket, that was my fave 128 RPG I think. Always good to see Atari Adventure mentioned!

AGAIN!? :too bad;

I couldn’t care less about this, but just for the sake of doing so, I filled out a bracket and had Chrono Trigger winning. :cool:

Now THIS is an INTERESTING contest. Who is gonna die this year? =D

I think the Spring Contest is new, Roun. You must be thinking of the Summer Character Contest. :open_mouth:

I had FF7 winning, simply because there are so many fucking FF7 fanboys out there I want to cry.

And while the concept is new, it’s still the same tournament. Of course, I liked the previous tournaments, so I was in anyway.

My final four were:

Shining Force, FFVII, SSBM, and Zelda I.

Final 2: Shining Force and FFVII

Winner: Shining Force :yipee:

I am going to make the bracket soon,but i agree with d Galloway their’s so many FFVII fanboys out there that it has good posibility of winning(Not that i don’t like it is just i dont consider it the best) im voting CT for winner.

I’d like to see a MGS make it sometime, but there are so many FF fans that MGS gets its ass blown away. Oh well.

Filled my brackets out, putting FFVII as the winner, though there are games I would have preferred as the winner over it. Mario 3 coming in second.

There’s no way Shining Force will go all the way. It’s a great game (and in some ways better than SF2), but I see it going no further than second round, only to lose to Super Mario World or The Simpsons Arcade game. I’m thinking it won’t even get past Sonic 2.

Unfortunately, there are alot of great games that will most likely get knocked out in the first round. Poor Panzer Dragoon Saga, NiGHTS: into Dreams, Shining Force, Shenmue, and others. :frowning:

I filled my bracket a few days ago, and I don’t remember whether I chose Mario 3 or FF7 as the winner.

I love how the contest was phrased - “Now it’s time to try to think like GameFAQs visitors!”

You just know it’s either going to be a FF game or Nintendo game that wins.
GameFAQs is loaded to the rim with fanboys of those.

I actually think that I filled out the bracket to have SSBM winning. I’m just stuck on that game.