Gameboy advice

Lately (well, this afternoon anyway), I’ve been pondering getting myself a Gameboy. I’m not sure about why exactly I should get it, or what games are offered for it, or even why I might want one (lol) since I don’t pay too much attention to news for the system.

Can you offer some information or advice? I’d like to know about the differences between the Gameboy Advance and the SP, what sorts of games are offered that I might think are cool, and what you’d do in the situation.

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Edit : Pros & Cons of each portable.


Pros : Headphone jack

Cons : Lacks backlighting


Pros : Has Backlighting, tiny to fit in pocket.

Cons : Lacks headphone jack.

Golden Sun
Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Pokemon Red or Blue

Some good GB RPG’s for ya there

Get Fallo-I mean Tetris, get Tetris.

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Get Fallo-I mean Tetris, get Tetris.

hahahahahaha you got me down on the floor with that comment… i’m sorry, i still fall for every joke related to fallout…
reminds me of all the times i fell from behind my pc when playing it

Taken from the GBA FAQs at GameFAQs:

These are the specifications as they come from Nintendo with a few additions
from me.

NAME: Game Boy Advance
LCD: Reflection (non-backlit) TFT Colour Liquid crystal
SCREEN SIZE: 40.8mm x 61.2mm
RESOLUTION: 240x160 pixels
DISPLAY ABILITY: 32,000 colours
CPU: 16MHz 32bit RISC-CPU + 8bit CISC-CPU
SOUND: Speaker (mono)/Headphone (stereo)
LINK PLAY: Up to 4 players on 1 cartridge
POWER: 2x AA batteries or Special (rechargable) battery adaptor
BATTERY LIFE: 15-20 hours on 2 AA batteries
SIZE: 82mm length x 144.5mm width x 24.5mm thick
WEIGHT: About 140g
CARTRIDGE: 34.5mm x 60mm x 9.5mm (Maximum 256 Megabit/32 Megabyte)

I don’t have an SP, but from what I’ve seen, it’s smaller and backlit.

As for games, you can find pretty much any kind of genre you want. In addition to every Game Boy and Game Boy Colour game (it’s backwards compatable), there are several SNES games updated to the GBA hardware, the Advance Wars titles, the Mega Man Battle Network games, the Golden Sun games, Pokémon, several Castlevania titles… the list goes on and on. There’s no doubt in my mind that you can find something for you. </shameless plug>

Since I have never played one I was curious how the games that used to use 6 buttons on SNES, 4 pad and 2 shoulder (Not including start and select) work on the GBA when it only has, what, 4 buttons, Two pad and 2 shoulder I think? And what about the SP, it only has 2 buttons doesnt it?

Also - how bad is the lack of a backlit screen?

The lack of backlighting is a big problem.

That’s why I got a GBA SP.

Then I lost the AC adaptor for it and now I am sad. ;-;

Get Ogre Battle Tactics, its a very fine game, and should be cheaper then Final Fantasy Tactics right now. Wario Land 4 is also super fun.

METROID!!! oh yeah Advance wars is also good

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Get Ogre Battle Tactics, its a very fine game, and should be cheaper then Final Fantasy Tactics right now. Wario Land 4 is also super fun.

Tactics Ogre:Knights of Lodis isnt cheaper than FFTA, it’s more expensive due to the fact it’s a pain in the ass to find. I got the last new copy anyplace around here had and I havnt seen anything but a few used and they get snatched up pretty quick. But I will agree with you, it’s a totally bad ass game that most people would love to own, or love owning it.

Heh, im glad i got it the day it came out then.

Hey vicki, i got an idea. Instead of getting a GameBoy, break out of the mold and get a different portable…

Trust me, its a worthwhile purchase…if you buy a NeoGeo Pocket color at EBGames you get (correct me if im wrong) the system and 6 games for 80 bucks! You cant even get a GameBoy for that much! Not only are you buying an all around great system, you are buying a piece of history. I bought my NGPC off of EBay last year, and have played it much more than my GameBoy.

You can read some reviews of the games here-
(just click “reviews” than “NeoGeo Pocket”)

SNK and NeoGeo cant be beat! So if you would rather break out of the mold and buy a different Portable, the NGPC is for you!

And hell, if you want to go all out and get the best portable for your money, get the GamePark32…i just got one from lik-sang, and it rocks…also, bandai’s “Wonderswan” always is good, and the new “Crystal” version is amazing, definitly worth your while, though it is a little harder to get…

EDIT-Here is a liksang Wonderswan info page-

And a GamePark page-

Being able to use headphones is very important to me in thinking about this.

I’m curious about this backlighting thing. Could someone tell me more about this and what difference it does make? If it’s a problem, how can it be fixed?

Well, backlighting makes the game look the same in all light, which is VERY good. Half the games out there you can’t see shit while playing. You COULD buy a worm-light, but in my opinion, those are shit. The Gameboy SP is also allot smaller, and easy to carry in your pocket. And it comes in kickin colors. I HIGHLY reccomend SP over regular Gameboy.

You can buy a headphone adapter, and I believe there are some package deals where the SP will come with it. And the backlight is a huge improvement over the older GBA, I would highly reccomend getting the SP if you get one.

SP is superior, because of the backlight, which mean you could play gasp IN THE DARK.

It’s quite nice, but I don’t have it. The bad side besides the lack of headphone jack is that it runs out the batteries quickly, I think. Not really sure.

SP doesnt drain its battery that quick. And it charges up to full in only a few hours even if you’re playing it. Yay lithium ion :smiley:

The Lithium battries are a big plus. You can recharge them easly, and thus dont need to spend money for other types of batteries.

Originally posted by Dragon God GBA SP :

Pros : Has Backlighting, tiny to fit in pocket.

Cons : Lacks headphone jack. [/b]
It doesn’t have backlighting. It has front lighting.