Gameboy Advance Rpg's

Hails, I recently purchased a gameboy Advance SP (and am loving it!) along with castlevania & Sword of mana…there were a few other good looking rpg titles there (unfortunately no more $$$) so I was wondering what you, the gamer thought was the top 10 current rpg title, as I am hungry for more :slight_smile:

Fire Emblem!
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!
Golden Sun!

Fire Emblem!
Megaman Battle Network 4!

Castlevania: Aria of Sorry
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga
Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire II

…I purposefully leave FFTA off. I found it to be slow and frightfully dull. It has none of the story or fluidity of FFT.

tactics ogre (strategy with rpg elements)
demi kids (monster collecting and breeding stuff with rpg elements)

Mario & Luigi- you won’t regret it. :smiley:

Golden Sun 1 & 2
Shining Soul 1 & 2
Phantasy Star Collection

are amongst the better ones. :slight_smile:

And the recently released Shining Force remake. Though I hear the game has been “dumbed down” and is now a lot easier, I’m sure it’s still worth playing.

And the two Golden Sun titles are excellent. I just began playing the first one, and despite a so-so story, the game is very entertaining and unique.

Black Matrix Zero. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been released in English.

It’s been said already but Mario & Luigi is an insanely good game. It’s fun, isn’t too hard but it’s got some hard parts. I haven’t had that much fun with a game for a loooong time.

so far final fantasy tactics advance is one of the best gameboy games i have and recomend so far.

this is off subject but does anyone know when the kingdom hearts game for gba comes out? :moogle:

The Kingdom Hearts game comes out in August or September.

Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga is very fun. It can be pretty mystifying in parts, some relativly difficult puzzle solving that requires you think and use out of battle skills. It’s not very complicated, not too difficult, but it’s very much fun.

Gameboy Advance rules! I like it cuz its like playstation. And its nice 2d graphics with real rich colors. I was impressed by most its rpgs so far.

Gameboy Advance really beats GAmecube. It seems to have much the spirit of great SNES as well.

I’d agree with that. I had a GC and only a fe games before I sold it, but I’m always playing GBA games.

River City Ransom EX.

Ha, I beat Igatona to it >:)

Fire Emblem
The Lunar remake is good but too easy.
Mist Veil is too cheap.

Sword of Mana was pretty good