Game Universe Encyclopedia?

Hey, im a good friend of GGcrono4 (perhaps you heard of him…well you probably do know him :-D), and he was helping me out earlier with a problem I’m having. I’m making a game…and Im at the stage where Id like to make an encyclopedia of everything within the games universe. We came up with catagories such as Characters, history of places and the world, technology, places…can any of you fine ladies and gentleman come up with anymore catagories like this? Think of it like the Lord of the Rings appendicies I guess…thanks in advance.

I have but one word for you: <-- Do it like that.

Let’s be realiztic Wert. Not everyone’s good at HTML and related languages.

No no, not the format of it, just the different catagories that I would include…if I missed something like that on the website…please point me in the right direction.

Interesting Concept…

Well, I think you should first split the gaming 'pedia into different catagories of gaming, such as Console, Table-Top, PC, stuff like that. Then sub-catagorize into different genres, like RPG, Action/Adventure, Sports, First-Person Shooter, etc. Then get into details of then, not on spefific games, but characters in general, techology in general, etc.

TikiWiki, which powers that webpage, comes prepacked, no html skills are required. Although, they are a great plus.

It’s an interesting idea, and one worth using time on.

Definitely, can I have a read of it when you’re done? :get it?: Basically, Aurabolt’s got the best idea for dividing and sub-dividing entries, although having various different indexes (say, list in chronological order, alphabetical order, genre order etc) would be of great use too. :slight_smile:

Dude- read what he is saying. He doesn’t want to do an encyclopaedia on games in general- he wants to do one on the game he is creating.

… Doh. Misread, thought you were doing a Games encyclopedia. -_-

Anyhow: Characters, Places, Equipment etc, just look at the shrines on this page for great inspiration in that case.

Ohhh, ok, i definitly misread that, i thought it was a big, “entire game ever created” encyclopedia, not one for his game.

Originally posted by seed007
Im at the stage where Id like to make an encyclopedia of everything within the games universe.

You know, an apostrophe in the word “games” really wouldn’t have gone amiss. :thud: (hey, I’m just saying it’d have avoided future confusion… no excuse not to read the whole post though, I’ll admit that :thud: )