Game Storage OCD

Am I the only one with an obsessive compulsive disorder over storing game’s an system’s? Seem’s like over the year’s it’s grown worse. Like for instance every catridge or console i’m not using, I pack into sealable plastic bag’s kinda like the one’s pillow’s or bed sheet’s come in. Then I take those an arrange them in sealable plastic containers, and place them in my closet where no light or moisture can get to them.

If that werent enough, I like to go through an give all my catridge game’s a good cleaning with a little bit of diluted alcohol and a cue tip, then give it a good blast with some canned air. Same goes for my consoles, I remove the casing and spray away any dust that might have built up with some canned air. My girlfriend think’s i’m crazy for taking such precautions, but I’ve never once had a catridge based system or game wear down on me!

My snes has probably seen more use than any system I own, having spent god know’s how many countless hour’s using it. I recieved it as a gift for Christmas the very first year of it’s American release (so it’s probably older than some of the people visiting this forum :D) an the damn thing still work’s like new. If a nuclear holocaust were to strike today, I do believe the only two thing’s that could survive would be cockroaches an my snes :hahaha;

I’m not messy, but I’m not known for neatness either. At first glance, say, into my room, it looks fairly clean. After a closer look you’ll see that everything out of the way is coated in dust.

My game collection is scattered, for another example. All the cases are under my bed, all the manuals are in a drawer, and all the discs [over 100, I never counted] are scattered over 7 CD wallets but kept in a central location along with my mem cards. Neat but messy.

Guess stuff like bagging/cleaning things goes invariably with one’s tendency to be organised. Obsessive, maybe. Who am I to comment?

That is really overobsessive. II keep mine alphabetized for simplicity, but that’s it.

I sure am not that organized. My game CDs are stored in a box randomly for the sole reason that I had to change apartments many times when I was at university. As for my Nes and Snes cartridges, they’re either on the floor of my room or in the basement or, actually, I’m not even sure. My Snes and some carts have been stored in a very humid room adjacent to the basement in my parents’ house for years, but I only recently decided to take it out because I was afraid it might not be good for them. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll use a bookshelf one day.

My games, all of them, are in a nice clean place I like to call “around”. They are spread in a strange chaotic sense of order around my room so I always know where to find them.

I have a pretty bad case of OCD, so I know where you’re coming from. Any systems that aren’t presently in use get their own little box from the post office (whatever the smallest size that will fit the system + 2 inches on each side would be). The systems are wrapped twice in bubble wrap and then surrounded in packing peanuts before being placed in their boxes for storage. All games are displayed promenently on shelves (see link in sig), but are meticulously cared for both before and after each use. Each cartridge game is cleaned with a lint free cloth, which has been attached to an old school NES cleaning kit wand. Disc based games are misted lightly with purified water, then wiped off in straight lines, from inner ring to outer ring, with a streak-resistant lint-free cloth.

Systems in use get scheduled cleanings every other month. This used to be more frequent, but I work now… Anyway, cartrdige based systems get the standard wipe down, both with a cloth and a brush (specifically, the kind of brush you’d use to clean the valves on a brass musical instrument). I tend to use either diluted glass cleaner or “Endust for Electronics.” Disc based systems are cleaned with a <I>very</I> light mist to the lens, allowed to dry naturally (but only when gameplay is acting up, otherwise, the lens is avoided completely). Cartridge based systems are cleaned with a proper cleaning kit and purified water, mixed with alcohol in roughly a 60/40 mixture.

Controllers are all stored when not in use, every single one of them. Their cords are all secured in zip-ties, as are any power or video cables not currently in use. Memory cards are stored in seperate ziploc bags sorted by system. Additional components (VMU caps and batteries, PSX ext port cover, GCN ext port covers, PS2 Network port cover, etc) are all stored in seperate ziploc bags as well. All of these ziploc bags as a whole are stored in a box marked “Memory Cards,” and are retrieved upon neccesity.

Ironically, the pictures in the link below were taken after parties, as that’s the only time I have access to a digital camera. So, uh, they’re not good indications of this. :stuck_out_tongue:

(also, due to my OCD, I can’t sleep at night unless the blanket is completely perpendicular to the bed, with the sheet under the blanket pulled up roughly one inch or so higher than the blanket and rolled over the top of it. If this isn’t done properly, it can keep me up for <I><B>hours</B></I>)

Hey, I’ve got a problem with the SNES. I’ve found that with all my cartridges, after about… a week of not using them, all of the saves, or any stuff on them is wiped, and reset to normal. Why would this be happening?
I store them the same, in air-tight/free plastic bags, and I can’t remember ANY reason why the console, or cartridges would be damaged…


Oh, and sorry… I’m not sure how old the SNES is… I got it from my brother a while ago.


It’s uncommon that that’d happen to all of your games, but if they’re not saving anymore, it probably means the batteries are dead. Just open up the cartridge and replace the batteries (they use watch batteries, can’t remember what kind off the top of my head). The reason that the saves stay for a couple of days is because the battery is getting a quick charge just from being in the system, but when you remove it from the system, the battery quickly dies.

All my consoles and cartidges are choking with dust: much like everything else in my room, including me. I really should clean here more often. And please, stop writing the inflectional -s with an apostrophe: it makes what you write hard to read.

Oh did I forget to mention I use apostrophe’s <----- compulsively as well? :mwahaha:

My CDs are placed on a couple of racks. Occasionally, I’ll drop one by accident and the case will probably be cracked. If it happens, I simply replace it with a spare one. The CD itself, liners and anything else are all kept in pristine condition. My DVDs and VHS are hidden away in the bottom drawer of my larger desk. But no, I don’t go as far to keep everything wrapped in plastic… only my Zelda LP and Koji Hayama Signed Postcard have that treatment, because they’re unique compared to everything else :stuck_out_tongue:

I only keep my important games in cases (aka dragon warrior 1-4). I don’t really care about the rest of them. My psx and ps2 games came in cases so I keep them in them and rarely open most of them. I do organize my dvd’s in alphabetical order which can be a pain because they are all in metal shelves that I have to move each dvd if I get a new one.