Game reviews

Which sites do you visit for quality video game reviews?

Penny Arcade does the occassional review which can be helpful (although often it’s just ranting). generally though I Google the games and read a lot of different ones. Gamespot, Gamespy, PS2uk etc Like you even need to ask.

Seriously, though, I don’t read that many reviews. I guess I look at the ones on Gamespot and Gamespy, but I don’t let them influence my purchases.

I use or to buy the game, play it, and see what i think about it, becuase i can’t trust anyone else to feel the same way about a game as me…

I just rent the game.

That would cost money though. Reading reviews is cheaper.

The sites that I usually go to for my reviews are and

Since Gamespot, Lamespy (Gamespy), and IGN all are greedy and not very good at reviews at times, I instead tend to read sites for games that just cover one system. For the Gamecube/GBA, I go to Planet Gamecube , which has good reviews, number of news, and a music radio. Downsize is the horrible pop ups. I also visit Team XBox for all my XBox needs, like reviews, previews, new storys, game tags, and more. Has some ads, but not too bad. I don’t have a PS2 site at the moment.

I use Gamefaqs, mostly. Reader reviews are better than critical reviews, IMHO, if only because they’re not done by a bunch of snobby bastards that think they know more about games than anyone else.

Originally posted by Pierson
That would cost money though. Reading reviews is cheaper.

Yes, a whole 5 dollars!! It’s better to rent a game then read a review. A review can’t tell you whether you’ll like a game.

I rarely read reviews and when I do, I don’t visit particular sites. I just search for information about the specific game I’m interested in. The only reviews I’ve read completely are SK’s ones.

My favorite is . Their reviews are funny and fair. In fact, most of the reviews I would agree with perfectly which makes it easy for me to believe their reviews when I buy a game I haven’t played. The other 3 I go to are IGN, Gamespot, and .

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I either just listen to what my friend have to say about a game. And if they don’t know I just see what I can find about it on the net. Only after I know about it, do I check the reviews, since they are usually biased, in one way or another.

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I ask people I know.