Game of Thrones

I’m visiting my friend in missouri and they just made me watch all of Game of Thrones. It’s insane. Anyone watch it? I’m sure you have. Y’all nerds, right? Watch dis shit? Or read the books? It’s got the best casting I’ve ever seen. There’s like a hundred characters and each one of the actors owns the character on a level i’ve never seen… Except one of the queens. but I’m fucking impressed with almost everything about it.

I’ve heard about it, but haven’t seen it because Mediacom is a bloodsucking cable provider that makes their oldest patrons pay more than the newbies. >:|

Just bit torrent it. You fuel.

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Winter is coming.

This book is huge, I’m going on extended vacation and thought about reading it. Everyone says I should lol.

You should read it. They’re hard to put down.

Great show, great books.

A Dance with Dragons (Book 5) just came out too.

Oh, so it’s a series? I was misinformed. How big are the books? I have trouble staying focused for more than 800 or so pages.

Its a big series.

The books are pretty big, really book 4 and book 5 were supposed to be one book but the author had too much to tell so he split it into 2 parts… and took 6 years to release the second part.

George R.R. Martin is a TV screenwriter who became a novelist one day. My favorite description of his books is “the best TV series I’ve ever read.” His prose can be a bit simple, but that’s a good thing in the sense that it stays out of the way of his character development and story, which are his strengths. Basically Game Of Thrones is a natural fit for TV adaptation and I was very glad when it became a miniseries (as opposed to, say, a movie, which would’ve been Not A Good Idea). “Fantasy novels for people who don’t normally like reading fantasy” is another good description.

The fifth book in the series FINALLY came out and I liked it, however, the first three books of the series are superior and the latter two are likely not as enjoyable unless you’ve already become a fan of the series (although they’re still decent).

Also, yes, the casting dept. has hit home run after home run for the show. You KNOW how fan-nerds love to bitch about stuff not being perfect enough and fans of GRRMs books are no exception, but even those folks love the casting, especially for the children characters.

The show seemed pretty faithful to the book, too; even to the point that the added scenes that aren’t adapted from the book do not feel out of place. It’s good shit; I’m actually glad there’s finally a thread on it here.

They’re about 1000 pages each. Book three was the longest at about 1200.

George RR Martin was the writer for the show Beauty and the Beast, starring Ron Pearlman. =D

God damn, the 80s hair band hair is intense look at those luxurious locks on the beast

I don’t get HBO, nor have I read the books. All I hear is fantasy setting, good story, and lots of sex.

George R.R. Martin when asked if any of the cast of his book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, will be left alive: “No one will be alive by the last book. In fact, they all die in the fifth. The sixth book will be just a thousand-page description of snow blowing across the graves …”

Might I suggest A Song of Ice and Fire by award-winning author George R. R. Martin?

Might I suggest A Song of Ice and Fire by award-winning author George R. R. Martin?

Might I suggest A Song of Ice and Fire by award-winning author George R. R. Martin?

To paraphrase Kansas, “All they are is snow in the winter.”

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