Game novelizations by Magus523

This guy is one of the best authors on He has excellently novelized Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid and Megaman 3 and 4, and is currently working on Breath of Fire.

These are MUST-reads for anyone who’s played these games. Give it a look.

I’d also like to say that they’re must-reads for people who haven’t played them, too. I haven’t played BoF or Megaman 4, but both are too damn good to ignore.

I’ve heard of them. MIght take a look sometime soon.

I read the what he has for the breath of fire. One thing that makes them good is the humor.
Ryu:So was he lying when he said you were the best rapier fighter in the country?
Nina: No, if you notice all the soldiers use spears. :hahaha;

i only have on problem its hard to make a fanfic with dialogue when half the the time the characters dont talk…

What do you mean? That should make it easier, you can take a lot of creative liberties if they don’t talk!

I agree with Valkyrie Esker, novelizations shouldn’t just be copies of the game (in that case you should just play the game) but an expanded version. They give a chance for character interaction that just isn’t there in all games. So what if it’s not exact? It’s a chance to create a much richer world than was there originally, or to explore things that are only hinted at by looking at a character’s thoughts.

What I find interesting (in regular fanfiction as well) is how author’s deal with ‘silent protagonists’. Do they make them mute, imply what they’re saying (as is usually done it the games), or create dialogue for them?

Thanks for pointing this out GG Crono! I’m going to go take a look at the CT one now!

No, they create dialogue for them. I especially liked the Trial scene in the Chrono Trigger one. :smiley:

i agree that it opens up the world for more creativness but…sub conciously the author is prolly imposing his personality or what he would like to be like onto the character, thus making the character possibly something other than what is intended…tho i do like the job the guy has done with crono, im just saying theres lotsa room for error in fan fics annd ive seen my share of crappy ones but props to the who did those :booster: (god that face rocks)

The whole point of the silent protagonist is so that the player can feel as if they are the hero, rather than a fictional character. So the whole point of them is to make them say what you would say in that situation.

I agree with you that there’s always room for error in fanfiction. Whether it’s a novelization or not. It can be trying to try and make sure the characters stay in character. That’s why the readers need to keep the authors on their toes, and tell them when a character’s acting weird.

It’s even harder to keep silent protagonists in character, because each person who plays sees them a different way. I once read a series of really good CT fics, but I didn’t agree with the characterization of Crono at all. However, that didn’t make it ‘wrong’. All you can do in that situation is comment that that’s not how you view the character, and let the author do as they please.

i concur :kissy:

I once read another novelization of Chrono Trigger where Crono didn’t speak at all, and it was pretty decent. Not as good as Magus523’s, but decent.

Yeah, I’ve actually heard of this guy too. Yet another author to add to my list of things to get around to.

PArdon the necropost, but dammit, that’s something you HAVE to get around to. I’ve read Mega Man 3 and 4, and just now Super Metorid, and just HOLLLEEEE SHIT.