Game Medley time!

Or, how #%^(& oldschool ARE you?

The Link

How many of these can you NAME and pinpoint the source in terms of game(s) and stage(s)? I can’t verify this, consider this a personal test.

Myself, only the third one still eludes me, most can be fairly easy for NES and SNES era gamers, and said third one is DAMN FAMILIAR which irritates me greatly, but the rest is cake.

The third one is punch out, the training scenes

The song is made up of the following. I can’t figure out the 4th part of the song, though!

Part 1: Wind Scene (Chrono Trigger)
Part 2: Underground Levels (Super Mario Bros)
Part 3: Training with Doc (Punch Out)
Part 4: ???
Part 5: Brinstar (Metroid)
Part 6: Final Fantasy Theme

That was very impressive!

Dal, the fourth one is… Bloody Tears, but botched a tad.

That…was the most awesomeest thing ever.

And I reconized all of them. Igatona’s right about the fourth.

The fifth is Kraid’s Lair, not Brinstar.

This is pretty fucking rad.

1) Chrono Trigger - Medieval World Theme (1600 AD?)
2) Super Mario Bros - Underground Theme
3) Punchout - Main theme
4) Castlevania - Simon’s Theme?
5) Metriod - Kraid’s Theme?
6) Final Fantasy - Arpeggio

The man deserves cookies!

1. Chrono Trigger - World Map 1300 A.D.
2. Super Mario Brothers - underworld theme
3. Punch-Out (Training music)
4. Castlevania: Simon’s quest - Overworld theme(Daytime)
5. Metroid - Kraid theme
6. Final Fantasy - Arpeggio

1. Chrono Trigger - World Map 1300 A.D.

1) Chrono Trigger - Medieval World Theme (1600 AD?)

Whoa, I don’t know what version of CT you guys had, but in mine the medieval period was 600 AD.

Hades posted it before me. :<

Is Kraid’s theme from the original metroid? It’s one of my favourite metroid songs, but I have never, EVER heard it played in Super Metroid, even though it would’ve been so hardcore badass :frowning:

Not the best vg medley I’ve ever heard, but certainly the best I’ve ever seen video for. Major props.

I’m also glad I wasn’t the only one to recognize all 6, or I would have felt really sad… ;-_-

Foolish Gwailo. Not everyman can be as antagonistic as you!