Game instrumental music... WITH LYRICS

I don’t usually make these threads and I’m likely several months late with this, but this guy is fucking awesome.

Brentalfloss is the guy responsible for that one Dr. Mario song that Zero posted… holy shit it’s been that long already? Anyhow. his gimmick is making up lyrics for game themes. Hilarious and offensive lyrics, such as:

CIVILIZATION (my personal favourite)
Final Fantasy
Zelda II (seriously fuck the shadow)
and Tetris.

There are others in the guy’s channel, but these are the best.

This guy used his lyrics to make some nice interpretations on guitar too:

Those were pretty neat! The condom was priceless. Still, I think Dr. Mario one was best.


Megaman Title

Megaman Man 2 Theme

Brentalfloss has a sick sense of humor. But he’s got style!

I like this video. Thanks for share. :slight_smile: