Game Genie/PAR vs. Game Shark - how do they work?

Other than for NES games, I haven’t been able to find a certain type of code for games - the type that double the amount of gold or experience you get after a battle. I recently used this type of code to fly through Dragon Warrior 4 in the middle of August. I wanted something of this type for FFX, and I was lucky in that using codes I could give myself Triple AP weapons. However, many games don’t have this kind of built-in exploit. Do Game Genie codes and Game Shark codes work differently? Game Genie codes used to let me do more the type of thing that I liked, as mentioned above. Game Shark codes seem to do things I could do through save state hacking. What I want to do currently is set up the double xp/gold for Dragon Quest 5 and 6…but no one has created these codes that I know of. Do I have any hope of finding them or making them, or did something change between the NES and SNES that would prevent it?

Well, the later systems are based off a more complex system of code - Hexidecimal, in this case - so that they are capaple of storing a wider range of variables. I assume that it’s the same basic principal as with Game Genie, but much more advanced.

But don’t take my word for it. I don’t know a lot about coding.

Well, for older game systems (like 16-bit era and before) you can make GG and PAR codes–I’ve done so myself. For SNES you need ZSNES.

The tutorials there should help you. Things like xp and gold are easy to make codes for. Other things like lifebars and no numerical values are hard to do because its a pain finding the addresses that are being altered and so on. If you need any help I’d be glad to help you.