Game Counselors-Stupid Caller Moments

These are real calls, Former tipline employees revealed to EGM the stupidest or strangest calls they recieved. Sit back and enjoy.

Call #1:
Counselor: Thank you for calling Nintendo, How may I help you?

Caller-I think there’s something wrong with my Super Nintendo

Counselor: What seems to be the problem?

Caller-Well, I tried playing it the other night, and i couldnt get any of my games to work, so I decided to clean them because I thought they might be dirty.

Counselor: and that didnt work?

Caller-I put them in the dishwasher on normal cycle.

Counselor: …

Caller-Do you think you can fix them?

Counselor: At this point, it may be a good idea to upgrade to a newer system. I’d also recommend using a cleaning kit in the future instead of using your dishwasher for your games.

Caller-I wish some told me that before

Call #2
Counselor: How can I help you?

Caller-In Spyro [one of the GBA ones] How many more faries do I need to get to have 20?

Counselor: Well, um, how many fairies do you have now?

Counselor: Sooo… theres twenty faries and you only have sixteen, meaning you neeeeed… [pauses, hoping the caller will figure this out himself]

Caller-I dunno. You tell me
Counselor: …


Counselor: Four. The answer is four fairies.

Caller-Oh. click

Call #3

Counselor-How can I help you?

Caller-How do I get the key from the skeleton standing in the pond?

Counselor, Uh, I’m guessing you game is Shadowgate?

Caller-Naw, I dont think so

Counselor: Trust me, It’s shadowgate

Caller-No, I think It’s something else

Counselor-[Fed up with arguing, gives the pertinent shadowgate tip]

Caller-Ok, Thanks. I have another game I’m having problems with. Hold on, I’ll get it.

Counselor, Actually, the phone lines are really crowded as this is a toll-free number. Maybe you could call back when you have thd game?

Caller: No, it’s too hard to get though.

Counselor: I’m srure you understand that we would like to serve everyone

Caller: Yeah, but nevermind, I’ll go get the game.

Call #4
Counselor: How may I help you?

Caller- I just got Track and Field for my Game Boy, and I think something’s wrong with it.

Counselor: What seems to bee the prblem?

Caller: Well, It’s missing the Table Tennis Event.

Counselor: …

Caller: What do I do?

Counselor: Actually, The track and Field Game doesnt have a table tennis event.
Caller: Why not?

Counselor: Well… I think it’s called Track and Field because all the events take place either on a track, or on a field.

Caller- Oh. Thanks.

And, something extra, cos this is just too good to pass up. Reminds me of my job:

Says one game counselor-
“I had a woman who was livid about the dino language in Starfox Adventures [for the gamecube]. She told me she doesn’t buy games to listen to other languages. I told her it was a language the designers created for the dinosaurs, who only speak it in the beginning. She was convinced it was Spanish, called me a ‘retard’, and hung up”

HAHAHHA, wow that is some funny stuff. Get some more because that is hilarious. Are these adults because if so I think they skipped a few grades. Probably never even had a proper education. Honestly if you can’t add 16 and 4 to get 20 that is pretty pathetic. has a lot similar to these. Where’d you get them DR, they’re pretty awesome. I can feel my IQ dropping as I read them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I once worked at techsupport.
I still have nightmares of that time.

From the August Issue of EGM. (I subscribe) You can pick it up this tuesday. It may also be on the site at

A friend of mine once called me to see why his SNES wouldn’t work, when I got to his home I saw that it was not plugged to the TV. But I think these lines from Nintendo are even stupider.


And the best is a little segment about the elderly and Dragon Warrior-

“I got alot of elderly callers who loved the ‘dragon warrior’ series because they didnt need fast reflexes and it was a great time killer for folks in retirement homes. They’d chat for hours ‘Remember me? The guy who beat dragon warrior II with no weapons? It took me over 200 hours!’”

Old people are so hardcore. \m/\m/

Wait! You know elderly people who play RPGs? Wow. Thumbs up for them!

Oh, those are just classics by the way.

I should get a job in tech support, just so I could hear stuff like this. :smiley:

I’m starting a job in tech support. I’m afraid I’ll have a heart attack from bottled rage brought upon by customer stupidity.

I thought it was PEBKAC (Problem exists between keyboard and chair)

My personal best anecdote.

Me: Hi, how can I help you?
Customer: Hi, I’ve been given this licence code for my software, I’d like instructions on how to input it.
Me (odd, usually we give them the code): Okay, which brand do you use?
Customer: Brand V.
Me: Okay, you should have two codes for that.
Customer: Nope, only one.
Me: Very odd, what was the number you were given?
Customer: xxxxx xxxxxx
Me: …
Me: Sir, that’s our office’s telephone number. As in the number you just dialled.
Customer: Oh, right. So where do I input it?
Me (thinking): Up your arse.

I’ve done this fir 15 months now, and I leave in September. i.e. not a moment too soon.

Good finds, though. :slight_smile: is another good archive of stuff like that.

And now Nutter’s Sprite Theater Presents: Nutter calling a call centre. 2k will be playing The Call center girl.

Hello, this is the XXXX help desk, I am Katie, what is your problem?

Er… Um… Hi… Xeno Xeno Xeno…

Erm. Have you Got a Problem with Xenosaga?

Yes … Um

Nutter doesn’t get a word out for the next 20 minutes.

I’m sorry sir but goodbye. Hangs up

Now you know why I take most of the Calls for Nutter-san.