Game collecting


You have FF 4, twice, because it was FF2 in North America. FF4 (japan) is included in chronicles. FF anthology consists of FF5 (unchanged) and FF6 (which is FF3 in english) So the games you have are:

FF4 times 2 (one on super nes, one on psx)
FF6 (which is FF3 on super nes)
FFT and Advanced
Chrono Trigger

FF 1 has been released in North America, but Japanese 2 and 3, were not. 1 and 2 came out awhile ago as as (title unknown to me), so they are sold together. The Japanese FF3 has not been released in english.


FF Origins! Yes that’s the one I couldn’t remember. You are correct, although you are missing FFX-2

You’re also missing FF Mystic Quest, although I won’t yell at you if you leave it out. :sunglasses:

I WILL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, you should try eBay for Mystic Quest, I’ve seen copies of it there before. Since I got my copy a while ago, I can’t help you too much.

and final fantasy legends 1 through 3.

your also missing 11. :moogle:

FF Legends are not actually FF games.

FF Legends was a marketting decision by Square of America if I recall? Calling it ‘SaGa’ 1-3 wouldn’t have made them sell as it would have been an unknown title, while putting Final Fantasy drew attention better.

Like Final Fantasy Adventure really.


if the words final and fantasy are in the title and the words are in that order then the game is a final fantasy. :moogle:

No, it’s not. Because in Japan those words were not in the title at all. They were added by a cynical American department who figured that adding them would increase sales. They belong to completely different series, and later installments of those series in America did not have “Final Fantasy” in their names.

us stupid americans.