My best friend’s family took me to Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls, Ontario to celebrate my birthday today (No you haven’t missed it yet, it’s on the 28th :get it?: :get it?:slight_smile: . It was really great! I came out ahead $50 American. It felt wonderful to actually walk through a casino legally after being in Vegas so many times, not being able to do anything.

Does anybody else go to a casino and gamble here? If so what do you play? Slots? Table games? Discuss. Oh yeah, I was on my last $20 when I hit a jackpot on a quarter slot machine.

I don’t yet since I’m underage, but when I turn 18, I’ll stay at the blackjack table, avoiding slots as much as possible.

In California, some casinos have 18 as their age limit.

Poker and Roulette are other favorites of mine.

Are those casinoes owned by Native Americans. There’s one like that in New York. I haven’t tried table games yet but I will someday.

Most of them are, but if the casino serves alcohol, by law they would have to raise the age limit to 21, thus not even letting my brother in.

That’s what I thought. It’s the same as it is in New York and the rest of the country I guess.

Not exactly, in Nevada and New Jersey, EVERY casino has a 21 age limit.

Then there’s Idaho and Hawaii, which don’t have any form of gambling whatsoever (Sponsered by the state).

I lost 50 bucks “rolling dice” in the alley behind my school this year…i dont think i will try again ever…

Me and my freinds play poker allot. I win SOMETIMES :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by JFGemini107
[b]Not exactly, in Nevada and New Jersey, EVERY casino has a 21 age limit.

Then there’s Idaho and Hawaii, which don’t have any form of gambling whatsoever (Sponsered by the state). [/b]

I meant for Native American owned casinoes.

Meh. I’d stick with blackjack. That ofers the best chance to win and has a bit of strategy if you’re smart and ca count. laughs Slots have the lowest chance to win.

I’d like to go to a casino someday.

I once heard a trick to winning big on Roulette…put a small bet on Red or Black, and double it everytime you lose.

Never tried it myself, bbut it sounds like it could work.

Double or nothing. Nah. I’d pass

i am very good at poker compared to most people i have played.

Why gamble with money when you can gamble with lives?

No I will not play Russian Roulette with you, TD.

<img src=“”> Awww.

The odds are against you in the long run, but in the short run you can really win on any of the games…otherwise people wouldn’t play them. Just…know to quit when you’re ahead or when you’ve hit your limit…

That doubling on roulette bets trick sounds like it could work, if you don’t run out of money first. And running out of money is definitely the more likely outcome. How many spaces are on a roulette wheel, 38? The chances of winning are 1/38, and probability theory tells us that on average it will take 38 bets before you win. Now let’s assume you can start your betting with just a penny (which is ridiculous, odds are the minimum bet would be a dollar). Now your nth bet would be 2^(n-1) pennies. Just look at your 20th bet then…$10,485.76 is quite a lot of money. And your 30th bet? $5,368,709.12. Unless you are a billionaire, you’re out at this point (and remember I’m not even adding up all the bets from before this, the total you’ve bet so far is about twice that amount). Now on average you’ll win on your 38th bet, which is $1,374,389,534.72. Of course about half the time you won’t have won yet, and the doubling continues.

And like I said, in a real casino you’d be betting dollars, so multiply all those amounts by 100, and you can see that no one has enough money to have a good chance of winning using this technique.

So doubling on roulette bets until you win can win you a lot of money, assuming you have an infinite supply of money. But the odds are very good that you’ll run out of money first.

Nah, you’d bet on a color, either red or black, and you have almost a 50% chance of winning (a bit less, because of the 0 and 00).

I do not gamble in real life. On the rare occasions when I play with a pack of cards, I sometimes play Poker or Blackjack, although for no money.

In video games, however, I do gamble. I once spent over two hours in the casino in Lufia II trying to win enough coins for a dragon blade!

There aren’t any around, they’re illegal here.

And I’d want an arcade before a casino.