Gambling is fun

Tonight my friends and I decided to get <I>way</I> overdressed (full suits and ties, no tuxes) and go to the Indian casino across the border. One of my friends was down $200, another $100, I was up $100 (combination of blackjack and video slots). In closing, gambling is awesome, when you win.

I’ve only been to a casino once with my uncle. He taught me a trick with the roulette’s colors and we turned $1000 into $3000. So yeah, gambling is awesome :slight_smile:

Gambling is addictive. Which is why I will forever avoid Monaco and Las Vegas.

I hate Rocket Game Corner…

I’m REALLY kind of an overcautious person when it comes to stuff like that, and I doubt i’ll ever try my hand at it.

Not really, it’s the money that’s fun.

Thats cool Sat.

I go up to Foxwoods Casino every once in a while to gamble. Poker is my game though, thats all I play. There is much more skill and intelligence involved in Texas Holdem as opposed to Slots or Blackjack.

I disagree. The last time I went, I sat down at the poker table and didn’t get up for four hours. When I finally left, I had broken even. No monetary gain, but I still had a blast. I’ve even lost money and still had a good time. Gambling itself is fun when done responsibly. Of course winning a lot of money makes it better.

Requesting further info >_>

Warning: You are not suddenly getting rich and you need to have some good amount of money to invest.

The basic idea is the belief that one color won’t come up ten or so times in a row. Of course it could happen, but the odds are on our favor here.

Let’s say you put $10 on red. If you win, good, if you don’t, bet another $20 on red. If you win, you’ll recover what you lost plus income, if you lose, bet another $40 on red. If you lose again, bet $80 and so on. Unless you are somehow cursed, you will eventually win and recover your loses, plus a comparatively small income. The most important thing is to have enough money to last a good amount of rounds.

You also need to be psychologically prepared: Don’t get greedy, don’t get impatient and don’t get scared. Of course this isn’t a 100% sure victory method, but it does bend the odds in your favor.

It doesn’t actually work unless you have infinite wealth and are allowed to make infinitely large bets. Otherwise there is still a small chance that you’ll run out of money and lose everything, and when you win you only win as much as your initial bet. Of course there’s still a chance to win, but it doesn’t mean the odds are in your favor.

I’d agree about slots (duh), but blackjack is far more mathematical than poker, especially Holdem. I’m not a big fan of Holdem, though. When our social group split after high school, the easiest way to differentiate them was to call one the “holdem group” and the other the “blackjack group.” I’m, obviously, part of the latter.

So, as we walked around the casino last night (which I’m starting to remember a little more of, thanks free drinks), me and my buddy were walking around singing the Richard Cheese version of “Down with the Sickness.” We had this old asian guy at the blackjack table cracking up, even after he’d just blown about $20,000 on stupid bets (he hit on 17 with a $2,000 bet, and then he split kings when the dealer had a 6… -_-). The only real money I made on the blackjack table was when I had two queens, and a small bet on the table ($20), I decided to split them and got an ace (blackjack) and another queen. Since the first one worked, I split those again, and ended up with a jack and another ace (dual-blackjack). Left that hand $80 richer on an initial $20 bit (and a subsequent $40 raise for those splits).

Though, in honesty, I lost most of the money that I won on blackjack at that very same blackjack table. I just happened to hit a good streak on the video slots to make everything up. The casino we went to was kind of a simple one, but it was close to our house (between Texas and Oklahoma on I-35, about 90 mins north of us). It only has slots, blackjack, holdem, and bingo. On the way back to Texas, there are all of these billboards for a casino in Shreveport, LA that have messages like “Real casinos have DICE” and “Real casinos have HOTELS.” Of course, real casinos are about a 12 hour drive, too.

A betting system based on the Fibonacci number sequence is less disastrous and addresses Vorpy’s problem of unlimited wealth and unlimited sized bets. The Red Snake strategy is better anyway. >.>

You are all probably right. Like I said, I went there ONCE and came out with a 2k surplus, I didn’t write a thesis on it. I know nothing about the theory and to be honest, I’m not that attracted to the side of gambling that Dave mentioned anyway.

Texas Holdem, if you know what you are doing, involves a lot of math and statistical probablilities. It’s not just about having the best poker face. Maybe I wasn’t giving blackjack enough credit, but I don’t think there is any less math involved in poker as opposed to blackjack.

In blackjack, you play against the dealer. In Holdem, you play against your friends. That’s pretty much how our group split.

So… If the river is: :heart:2 :heart:3 :heart:4

and I have :heart:A and :clubs:K

Some one hasn’t been shuffleing the cards…

No. It means you have 18 outs going into the turn and river. That’s rather decent odds of hitting. As long as you’re not up against AA, KK, trips with the board, a made straight, or a made flush, you’re in rather good shape. Hell, you’re still a favorite two-way over QQ.

Yep, I agree with 984

When the Dealers cards are 2♥ 3♥ 4♥ 5♥ 6♥

You Think that something isn’t right… the odd of Shuffling the hearts and the Club in that order is high…

The odds aren’t high of that happening, no. But they happen. The ONLY reason you should suspect cheating in that case is if the dealer/shuffler or the cutter had the 7 of hearts (even moreso if coupled with the 8 of hearts). It’s not likely to happen, but it can and does happen. All it means is that once all the cards are dealt, any player who is still in the hand splits the pot however many ways unless someone went all in to create a smaller sidepot.