Galaxy Express 999

Just recently I started really getting into Leije Matsumoto’s work and I’ve been trying to track down a copy of the first Galaxy Express 999 movie on dvd. Could someone point me to somewhere I could find it?

One of the places where you can buy it

I already have bought mercandise with them and it is pretty secure.

Wasn’t there. Thanks for trying to help though.

A store? >.>;;
I remember watching it, they were both super good ^^ I loved it very much, excellent plot.

Try the libary, they usually have old videos.


I found a copy of it here: so I don’t need anymore help from the whole both of you that responded :stuck_out_tongue:

WHOO! Leiji Matsumoto!

BTW : The new Harlock sucks, never ever see that. Matsumoto never had a hand it in anyway.

But seriously, have you seen Gun Frontier? It’s just…not Matsumoto, and yet it is at the same time…it’s weird but enjoyable.

So far I’ve only seen Arcadia of My Youth, the first two Galaxy Express 999 movies, and a couple episodes of Starblazers I downloaded (which is what got me into his work) but I’ll be sure to check out Gun Frontier. Any other good Matsumoto work you could recommend?

I’d be a dumbass if I didn’t recommend Space Pirate Captain Herlock (the first series), The Queen Emeraldas (OAV, 4 eps I believe) amongst others. These are the only ones I’ve seen (though Herlock was probably seen by a lot of people here).

However, don’t expect anything GE999 or Herlock-like in Gun Frontier. Basically, take the Herlock characters and put them in a spaghetti western-type of thing, add a few jokes about sex (not anything I’ve ever seen in an anime, so they’re not that cliché…except maybe the gay joke in the first ep), and that’s Gun Frontier.

The synopsys I gave it doesn’t do it justice though. It’s really good.