Gaijin power!

Holy shit that’s beautiful.

(I’m thinking about getting into the JET program because of Jenna’s mention of it :P)

hehe… Thanks for including my name :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, check the link at the bottom of the page that says “Moeko’s owl”
It’s such a cute little story. Touching, even ;_;

Old, but still good. It’s in my favorites for a reason.

The girl from that Moeko’s Owl story seems so rediculously nice, but I bet she secretly tortures animals and is a closet S&M freak.

I remember this but I still love this guy :smiley:

EDIT: I read “Moeko’s Owl” and almost cried. I know what’s to get a big “Snap out of it you moron!” moment on your life. Man, that was so sweet.

Fugging hilarious.

Yup, I’ve seen this before. Pure gold though.

*Sniff. My Gaijin Power is low. I look too Asian.

I’ve see it before. Hell, my bnet name is GAIJIN_SMASH at the moment. At least there were a couple new ones up since last time I checked.

Old, but still fun to read.

I typed out this whole huge post about how that is really stupid and naive, and then i decided not to post it because i didn’t want to hurt your feelings. So i’ll just sum it up by saying that you can just forget about that dream, because it will never happen, and if it does, you’ll fail.

Seen it before, but still good.

I actually intend to be a JET when I get out of high school, or College, if I choose to go to college.

IIRC, you have to have at least a Bachelor’s to be eligible for JET program. So you don’t really get much of a choice on going to college if you plan on getting into JET. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you might actually want to research it first. And like RC said, you won’t even be able to get a visa without a BA.

Really? Damn. Meh. Then, I guess it’s probably college.

Although, Dev, do you have any idea how many people have lived in Japan for years with no Visa?

EDIT: Oh, and researching things before I try them. That’s for the FDA, intelligent people, and pussies. Of which I am none. Except a pussy. But not that kind of pussy.

Seriously, though, thanks for the information.

Bobby Fischer currently lives in Japan without a visa. They were recently trying to deport him.

Seriously? Wow. The Japanese government. Doing something… Whoa. That hasn’t happened since the '80s. Okay, I’m being fasecious, but still, the Yakuza actually donated more money to relief work in the last earthquake. The Japanese Government doesn’t do much any more.

I’d personally love to go there if only for the experience. First, I tend to become a teacher regardless of the JET thing or not.

Second, never been outside this country, so that’d be cool.

Third, it’ll make me want to come back here a whole damn lot.