Gaia? Mako? Huh?

In FF: TSW they reffered to gaia: Life essence of earth. They used it as a power source for machines. Are gaia and mako energy the same thing?

pretty much yeah, in my opinion gaia was the only part of TSW that even remotely tied into any ff game. The most common plot point by far in the series is elemental crystals, why they didn’t decide on that for TSW is beyond me.

I’d say it’s cuz they were selling FF:TSW solely by the name “Final Fantasy.” It backfired because (a) die-hard fans avoided it like the plague because they knew it woudn’t have anything they’d recognize in it, (b) die-hard non-fans avoided it because they thought it was just another video game movie, and © just about everyone else avoided it because it, uh, wasn’t really a particularly good movie, in my opinion.

Kramer wins!

I -almost- walked out, and i’ve never walked out of a movie. That is one of the very few times i’ve been tempted. Dungeons and Dragons was the other most memorable temptation to vomit on my way out.

Roger Ebert liked it a lot…

Who’s Roger Ebert?

Big-name movie critic. Of Siskel and Ebert (then Ebert and Roeper) fame.

Someone needs to break Ebert’s thumb off in his ass then.

If you ignore the fact that it was supposed to be FF and take it without it’s title, it’s actually not too bad of a space horror flick. Not scary enough, but it definatly had a japanese feel to me, like the spacehorror short in the ‘memories’ dvd compilation (can’t remember the title).

But I think it did kinda desecrate the FF name.

Ya i thought it was kinda cheap to put final fantasy in the title. I think they just did that to sell more tickets to it…cheap asses

I thought it was an above average film.
Just not a film worth paying money to see, or deserving of the FF name.

It sucked, but that’s expected.

XD lol ya i actually kinda liked it but you make me see the light!

The movie was technically decent, but we were expecting to see a RPG on a movie screen…once again…we are not the target market…we don’t get the love…

As I said i think they put final fantasy in the title to attract us final fantasy fans. Though the movie would’ve done decent with just the TSW it probly wouldnt’ have done as good.

Don’t dis a movie just because of it’s misfit title. It’s like how people hated Chrono cross because they were comparing it to Chrono trigger. Chrono cross is actually a great game. Please don’t change the subject to Chrono cross. Also, I heard Enix had plans to make that movie take place in part of a game. But I also heard they never made the game.

I’m not dissing it for it’s misfit title i’m dissing it because it was a mediocre movie at best! How many people here have seen this movie more than 3 times?

I saw it once and didn’t want to see it again.
It was basically just a mediocre movie.

I haven’t seen any movie at all more than once since I was ten years old.

I thought it was a pretty neat movie. Not unbelievable, but at least better than most of the crap that passes for theatre nowadays.

there we have it folks